The Latest in Italy from a Serie A journalist locked down in Milan

Football broadcaster and journalist Adriano Del Monte speaks to us from his Milan apartment about the latest news about Serie A, the uncertainty behind the suspension of European soccer leagues and how Italy is coping with the COVID-19 crisis one day at a time.

Unite Canada in the wake of COVID-19: A message from the Attorney General of Canada

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, David Lametti appeals for national unity during the current #COVID19 crisis. He speaks to us directly from Ottawa about the federal government working to address shortages in protective gear for healthcare workers, keeping our healthcare system open and accessible and the importance of social distancing.

The Toilet Paper Panic: Why?… And should Canadians be concerned?

We’ve all seen the videos of empty toilet paper shelves. But what does that mean for Canadians? CEO of Kruger Products, Dino Bianco joins us to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and provides a message of reassurance: Toilet paper is safe and available for all.

Working from home? Here’s how you can prevent back pain

Dr. Ron Nusbaum from Back Clinics of Canada shares some tips and advice for staying home, working remotely and keeping your body and mind healthy during isolation.

Catching up with Sonja Missio: Sports journalism and volunteering in the time of COVID-19

Halftime Show guest and fellow Serie A supporter, Sonja Cori-Missio, joins TLN’s Serie A Halftime host Camila Gonzalez to talk about the suspension of professional sports, volunteering during the pandemic and the harrowing story of how her parents were stranded at sea after a Valentine’s Day cruise.

An Update for Canadian Construction Workers

As construction sites are deemed an essential workplace, many in the industry feel concerned or unsure of where they stand. Dave Wilkes is the CEO of BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association), a non-profit organization working to improve industry and government relations and protecting the interests of its members and consumers. TLN journalist Camila Gonzalez speaks with Wilkes about COVID-19’s effect on the construction industry as he answers the most important questions Canadian workers might have.

Don’t panic! No shortage of food (or pasta) during COVID-19

Despite rumours and videos of empty shelves, Canadians have no reason to fear a food shortage in Canada. Joe Vitale, owner and president of Italpasta talks to TLN about how they are responding to more demand and how there is more than enough pasta to go around for everyone.

An Interview with Angus McNab of York9 FC

Sports have the ability to bring people together all over the world. Camila Gonzalez talks with Angus McNab, President of York9 Football Club in the Canadian Premier League, about the importance of social distancing and looking forward to the return of soccer in Canada.

MP Sorbara on the Federal Response to COVID-19

TLN journalist Camila Gonzalez speaks with MP for Vaughan-Woodbridge and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Revenue, Francesco Sorbara about the latest developments of the federal response to COVID-19. They discuss parliament’s return to quickly pass new legislation designed to increase funding to Canadians, including developments to EI and the Canada Child Benefit.

Ontario Minister of Education on COVID-19’s Effect on Schools and Student Learning

With the continuing COVID-19 health crisis in Canada, all levels of government are working to ensure stability, protection and preparedness remain in place for Canadians. In this interview with Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, TLN journalist Camila Gonzalez asks him some of our viewers’ most poignant questions regarding the extension of the school closure in Ontario, the tools available to students to keep them learning and the steps the provincial government is taking to aid essential and frontline workers with children.

Minister Michael Tibollo discusses the ways Canadians can protect themselves and their families

The emergence of COVID-19 is affecting Canadians across the country, changing the way people live day-to-day and altering Canada’s health, economic and social landscape. In an exclusive interview with Ontario Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Michael Tibollo, we discuss the ways Canadians can protect themselves and their families and how we can all move forward together as a nation.