Catherine's Italian KitchenMondays 8 PM


Irish chef, food writer and cookery teacher, Catherine Fulvio bursts onto TLN with her colourful cooking series, Catherine's Italian Kitchen. Filmed in Sicily and Ireland, the series is really more of a culinary journey and celebration of Southern Italy than just a cooking show. Each episode features 3 recipes in addition to visits to Sicilian towns where Catherine meets with the locals, discovering everything from their shopping habits to age-old recipes handed down through the generations.



Catherine visits Sicily's second city, Catania. They start by admiring the tidal wave of fish that has swept into the famous Catania fish market and this moves Catherine prepares a delicious dish of pasta alla vongele, linguine pasta with baby clams.

Chef Catherine is shown an old and basic skill, making macaroni by rolling little balls of freshly made pasta around a thin wooden stick and then getting to eat the result in a beautiful pasta dish based on pistachio nuts.

Catherine demonstrates simple pasta making that anyone can do at home to turn any meal into a Southern Italian feast.

Street Food

Street Food

Catherine meets Fatiah el Aiba, who initiates her in the mysteries of making the perfect couscous. At the salt museum in Trapani, she is inspired trying an unusual recipe of her own, cooking monkfish with pesto. And finally, she visits the Florio winery in Marsala, who takes home a bottle to make the perfect Zabaglione.

Catherine introduces us to both as she prepares for a large al fresco dinner party at the family villa in the beautiful seaside town of Balestrate.