silvia colloca
Made in Italy with Silvia CollocaThursdays at 9:30PM


Silvia Colloca visits three regions of Italy that are close to her heart – Abruzzo, Le Marche and Molise,  to re-discover authentic ‘cucina povera,’ making healthy, heart-warming food accessible to everyone.

Every episode sees Silvia meeting locals, cooking in their kitchens and allowing viewers a peek inside the true Italian secret of la dolce vita. Silvia meets chefs and cooks, who share their culinary delights and takes us back to meet her own family to live, breathe and eat the food culture of everyday Italians


Silvia gets an education in spicy octopus stew – a traditional dish of Molise. Later, she makes an Italian savoury pie no picnic can go without, and her youngest son, Miro, lends a hand with his favourite honey-drizzled cluster cake.

Silvia receives a lesson in an Italian peasant tradition – vincisgrassi; one of her childhood friends helps out with a spring classic of lamb chops with asparagus; Silvia also whips up a party favourite – bread pockets with cheese and stewed capsicum; and, with her mum’s help, she revives a long-lost recipe for sponge cake peaches.

Silvia learns how to make heavenly hand-rolled cannelloni with slow braised meat; makes one of her favourite vegetarian dishes of stuffed capsicum; explores the secrets behind an ancient recipe for Italian cheesecake; and teams up with her brother to create an exquisite clam-and-chickpea pasta, cooked risotto-style.

Silvia’s beloved neighbour shares her take on the most heavenly flatbread; Silvia enjoys the delights of a summer barbecue (Italian-style), and her father pops by for a long-overdue cooking lesson, culminating in a glorious zucchini gratin.

Silvia turns ingredients fresh from the sea into tacconcelli with fish ragout, bakes the most remarkable spelt ciabatta, receives an education in lamb offal, and makes her son’s favourite dunking cake.

Silvia takes in the fresh sea air of San Benedetto del Tronto and discovers the secrets behind fritto misto, an Italian seaside speciality; she transforms luscious curds of ricotta into a sensational ricotta, chocolate and cherry tart,

Silvia wrestles an octopus in exchange for a delectable seafood salad, learns how to make cheese and egg balls the Italian way, and teams up with her brother to make mouth-watering onion focaccia.

Silvia journeys to Ascoli Piceno and immerses herself in Italian cafe culture learns how to turn Italy’s finest seafood into unforgettable finger food, and her local ‘Butcher Girls’ prepare the makings of a magnificent meat ragout.

Silvia visits an old farmhouse in Le Marche that epitomizes rural cuisine, travels to Abruzzo for a lesson in cucina povera (peasant-style cooking), and, in Torricella, makes a foolproof potato gnocchi.

Silvia Colloca travels through Central Italy on a culinary celebration of traditional Italian cuisine. Her breath is taken away by stunning seaside dining on the Adriatic sea, where she learns how to make mussels in white wine broth on a bygone fishing pier called a trabocco. Heading inland to her family home in Torricella, Silvia calls upon locally produced white wine to create a superbly simple dish, pollo in potacchio (chicken in a pot).