A TLN Special Presentation: The 42nd Annual CEMA Awards – Watch Online

A TLN Special Presentation: The 42nd Annual CEMA Awards

TLN Media Group Canada’s most influential multicultural media company is proud to partner with Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA) to present the 42nd Annual CEMA Awards for Journalistic Excellence, which aired Saturday, January 23 at 5P/ET on TLN Television.

Through this collaboration, the best work of some of Canada’s top multicultural journalists over the past year were showcased from coast-to-coast in a special 90-minute television presentation.

As multicultural media leaders that have championed the production of culturally significant TV and digital media for nearly 4 decades, TLN Media Group is proud to partner with CEMA to celebrate the hard-earned achievements of professionals alike in the multicultural media industry.

The CEMA Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the categories of Print, Radio, Television, Internet, Podcast News, Podcast Feature, Documentary, Innovation, and, new this year, Community Engagement.

Click on the video below to watch the FULL awards show!