All The Pizza

All The Pizza | Wed at 8P & Thurs at 9:30P


In this zany, touching and inquisitive series hosted by Carlo Orecchia, we go the distance to find out why pizza is the ultimate unifier. Carlo’s infectious and energetic passion for bread, sauce and cheese leads him down some unpredictable rabbit holes. It’s part documentary, part fantasy, all fuelled by one man’s lifelong passion.



Episode 1

Meet Carlo, a self-described pizza addict looking to answer the age-old question, "Why pizza?"

Episode 2

Carlo visits the largest pizza expo in Las Vegas, where dreams are made (and in this case, often eaten!).

Episode 3

Carlo and rocker Andrew W.K. dive deep into the metaphysical and craft a kick-ass music video about pizza.

Episode 4

Carlo gets a job working at his favorite pizzeria, and heads out for a night of pizza deliveries and adventures.

Episode 5

After watching the animatronic animals at Chuck E. Cheese, Carlo heads to Orlando to meet the members of the original ShowBiz Pizza band.

Episode 6

Carlo heads to his home country, the birthplace of his favorite food, in hopes of finally discovering the answer to his burning question, "Why Pizza?"

Episode 7

After meeting with world-renowned meat and cheese artisans, Carlo heads home to share all he has learned about pizza.