Boys Weekend with Miguel Maestre

Boys Weekend with Miguel Maestre | Tuesdays at 10P & Sundays at 5:30P


Four international chefs get together in Australia for some weekend fun, adventure, good times and plenty of food. The chefs – Miguel Maestre of Spain, Manu Fiedel of France, Gary Mehigan of the UK and Adrian Richardson of Australia – visit unique Australian destinations where they sample the local cuisine and create some of their own. In the first episode, the boys head to a coastal retreat in Flinders, Victoria. There they’ll find Brazilian cocktails, high stakes poker, and a spot of fishing – what more could they want?



Episode 1

The boys head to a coastal retreat for a weekend of fun and mischief in Flinders, Victoria. There’s Brazilian cocktails, high stakes poker, and a spot of fishing…what more could the boys want?

Episode 2

It’s off to far north Queensland where Manu surprises the gang with a day on a luxury cruiser. There’s plenty of fun in store as the boys feast on the Great Barrier Reef.

Episode 3

Adrian takes the crew on an epic road trip down one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world, the Great Ocean Road. With chefs like these on board a simple picnic soon turns into a gourmet banquet.

Episode 4

The epic Great Ocean Road trip continues. Miguel brings a bit of Spain to the Australian coastline with a mouthwatering Paella and a run in with some local bikers leads to a BBQ to remember!

Episode 5

The chefs all pitch in to cater for Adrian’s big book launch. But when the work is over it’s party time and the boys take full advantage of what Melbourne has to offer.

Episode 6

The boys head off the beaten track to beautiful Bruny Island in Tasmania. The stunning local produce inspires a food adventure packed with oysters, beef and cheese.

Episode 7

Miguel surprises the boys with a weekend of luxury at an authentic Spanish Villa. When Miguel challenges Manu to a Spain versus France dessert cook-off, national pride is at stake.


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