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TD Salsa in Toronto returns this summer!

Mark your calendars because Canada’s Largest Latin Culture celebration returns in person with the annual TD Salsa in Toronto Festival featuring the TD Salsa on St. Clair Street Festival and Salsa at Blue Mountain, in addition to a series of city-wide events that celebrate Hispanic heritage!

Get ready to dance the weekend away this summer in the streets of Toronto on July 9th & 10th at TD Salsa on St. Clair and at Salsa at Blue Mountain in Collingwood with music, dance, art, and authentic cuisine.

This year, Kings of Salsa kicks-off our TD Salsa in Toronto Festival on TLN TV on Fri, May 27 at 9P/et and Sat, May 28 at 11A/et and opens the series of festivities this summer.

Prepare to immerse yourself in Latino culture and experience the heat and passion of latin America in the heart of Toronto at Canada’s biggest Salsa Fiesta, alongside this years host, and TLN TV producer, Camila Gonzalez!

For more info and the full lineup of events, please visit,

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Pizza Nova Kicks off Its Annual “That’s Amore Pizza for Kids” Fundraiser

May is the month of giving at Pizza Nova as they celebrate the start of their annual “That’s Amore Pizza for Kids”, a special campaign in support of Variety Village – the Children’s Charity of Ontario.

Over the past 24 years, Pizza Nova has raised over $2 million for children’s charities, and just last year alone, over $200,000 thousand was raised to help kids play and participate in sports, camps, afternoon programs, and much more.

Pizza Nova President, Domenic Primucci, describes the month of May as a ‘Dip and Give Event’ in which proceeds of every dip sold goes back to Variety Village.

The “That’s Amore Pizza for Kids” fundraiser gives children with disabilities the opportunity to actively participate in sports that otherwise would not be available and runs through May 1- 31 at participating locations.

For more info, and to support Variety Village, please visit:

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The Quiet Immigrant Project

TLN Media Group is proud to be a media partner of The Quiet Immigrant Project, a two-month-long exhibit running through to June 26th and currently on display at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery in Toronto’s Columbus Centre.

This exhibit celebrates matriarchs with its moving homage to the brave Italian women who immigrated to Canada after World War II. Between 1928 and 1960, over 139,000 thousand brave women left behind everything – family, friends, familiarity, and much more – in the pursuit for a better future. Through sheer strength of character and with neither fanfare or complaint, these unsung heroes wove their way into the fabric of society; their stories of strength, courage, determination, and sacrifice are sure to move, amuse, and captivate in this multifaceted, multimedia, and multilayered legacy piece.

In the video below, TLN TV Host and Producer Francesca Soia takes us through exhibit and the powerful legacy left by these brave Italian women. For more information on The Quiet Immigrant Project, click here.

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Italy at Home Film Festival on TLN TV

TLN Media Group is proud to announce the return of the annual Italy at Home Film Festival on TLN TV, featuring 15 Box Office comedy hits with English subtitles!

Get ready to Smile Italian Style as movie lovers unite for this specially curated lineup of critically acclaimed Italian comedies. TLN TV Host and Producer, Antonio Giorgi, gives us the insider scoop for some of the highlights in this year’s film festival:

  • Uno di Famiglia (One of the Family): a strange mafia boss who likes and dislikes everyone.
  • Troppo Napoletano (From Naples With Love): a young kid growing up in Naples.
  • Forever Young: starring an Italian DJ who refuses to grow up.


TLN Media Group is proud to be the country’s leading purveyor of Italian Films in its nearly 40 years in Ethnic Media.

For the full line up of movies and trailers, visit:

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Golden Age Academy: A Mosaic of Cultural Diversity

TLN TV host and producer, Antonio Giorgi, recently had the opportunity to visit the Golden Age Academy (GAA) in Toronto after their recent closure due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Golden Age Academy: About

The Golden Age Academy is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1997 by a group of seniors who had an interest in arts and crafts as a means for expression through different artforms. Members of the GAA gather once a month and present their art, socialize, exchange ideas, art techniques, and express their feelings; it is a way for members to reconnect as they welcome the reopening of the academy.

Visiting the Non-Profit Organization

In the following video, GAA supporter Franca Brocca comments on the importance of accepting and welcoming everyone so they have the freedom to express themselves through their heritage, background, passion, beliefs, and their love for art. GAA President, Lucia Paterra Catania, also shares what art means to her, and her open chair and table policy at the academy and also invites community members to partake in the event.

The GAA is an open welcome space for members to meet, share their work, and integrate with the community. For more information, please visit,

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Steve Gregory, Honorary Colonel of the 2nd Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery

TLN Media Group was honoured to support and be part of the 2022 International Forum on Peace, Security & Prosperity, held in Agira, Sicily. Steve Gregory, Honorary Colonel of the 2nd Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, discusses this year’s online forum with TLN TV host Antonio Giorgi.

About the Conference

The theme of this year’s online conference was: “Winning the Peace”, which was addressed through four panels of academics, operational experts, and students from military and civilian institutions, from more than 30 countries.

The forum also explored the eight pillars of positive peace, and the sustainability for peace in a prosperous society, a great and timely initiative that is now more relevant than ever with the current state of the world. Military personnel were also invited to speak and describe the unique role the military has on maintaining peace.

Honorary Colonel Steve Gregory

Colonel Gregory shared insight as to how the peace forum is specifically geared towards younger generations, academics, and military colleges, as teaching the youth to keep peace is imperative for the future of humanity.

The International Forum on Peace hopes to expand as the largest peace forum worldwide, and welcomes the support of teachers, colleges, and universities worldwide.

For more information, visit:

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Aspiring Latino-Canadian Comedian Lucas Lopez Vilet on His Rise to TikTok Fame

Latino-Canadian TikTok Content Creator, Lucas Lopez Vilet, quickly rose to fame over the past two years, amassing 2.5 million followers with quick-wit humour and Hispanic focused parodies.

TLN TV Host and Producer, Camila Gonzalez, had the opportunity to speak with Lopez over his recent transition to a full-time TikTok content creator during the COVID-19 pandemic in the latest segment of TLN Connects.

Lucas Lopez: Career Decision

Lopez decided to make TikTok his full-time career when he realized that the standard traditional route was not in his path, opting to take the route he knew he would excel in. “It was basically all or nothing”, states the young social star.

Latino-Hispanic culture is centered around strict parenting, however, Lopez shares that his mother has always been very supportive about him following his dreams.

Pushing Through Adversity

Unfortunately, the TikTok star states that he did receive some backlash from the Latino Community over his content, but voiced that his intentions are light-hearted and fun.

His content is focused on Hispanic culture norms, his time in Florida, and his father, recalling him as a “naturally very funny guy.”

Lopez hopes his TikTok career will propel him in the right direction towards stand up comedy, and eventually film to aid in the fight for Latino-Canadian representation on the big screen.

How to Watch Lucas Lopez

TLN Media Group would like to congratulate you, Lucas, and wishes you much success!

To watch Lucas Lopez Vilet’s content, visit his TikTok account and his Instagram profile.

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April Is Caritas Awareness Month Across TLN Media Group Channels

Each year, TLN Media Group is dedicated to building awareness and support for the Caritas School of Life throughout the month of April, having raised over $2 million to date since 1996.

TLN Media Group’s national and multilingual PSA campaign across the network’s family of channels (TLN Television, Mediaset Italia and Univision Canada) continues to help increase national awareness of the therapeutic residential program that offers support to those struggling with addictions and mental health.

Caritas Residential Program Manager Silvana Tibollo discusses the positive effects that the program has had on its residents and what the organization is doing to assist more people. Despite COVID-19 impacting business and changing the ways that work was completed, Caritas was able to remain operating, but they also had a long waitlist of people who were looking to receive help.

For residents, the program is a positive uphill trajectory towards a light at the end of the tunnel, and a step in the right direction towards regaining their life. The 24-month long program has an 85% success rate and aims to help its residents build a sustainable lifestyle on the road to recovery.

With Caritas regional group centres in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, the annual PSA campaign is one of a series of TLN Media Group outreach initiatives to support its viewing audience and their communities.

Stay tuned to TLN Television, Mediaset Italia and Univision Canada throughout the month of April for more information on how to help support Caritas.

Click here or call (416) 748-9988 to make a donation to Caritas.

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Villa Charities’ Sagra della Salsiccia at the Columbus Centre | TLN Connects

Villa Charities’ Sagra della Salsiccia at the Columbus Centre | TLN Connects

Villa Charities President and CEO, Marco DeVuono spoke with us about the Annual Sausage Festival, the Sagra della Salsiccia held at the Columbus Centre. The annual festival was postponed during the pandemic but has returned and was a celebration for community members with music, dance, and a chance to reunite.

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2050: Artifacts from the Future of Medicine Exhibit at Toronto’s Columbus Centre | TLN Connects

2050: Artifacts from the Future of Medicine Exhibit at Toronto’s Columbus Centre | TLN Connects

Aging backwards just became a lot more attainable according to Artist, Scientist, and Philosopher Nick D’Aleandro as humans could potentially live up to 150 years of age.

D’Aleandro explains that the consensus by the Scientific Community is that aging is now considered a disease and can be treated as such, especially if it is looked at in the genetic and cellular level. Genomics, epigenetics, and bioinformatics are all fields that are on the rise and can aid in the research of aging reversal, a now attainable solution.

D’Aleandro describes his work as “Tinkering with the creative disruption of medicine in a positive way, on the way to a better future, and that “When talking about the future, we have to talk about the present”.

The exhibit is currently on display at the Columbus Centre and showcases the future of medicine geared towards the most desirable outcomes

To learn more about Nick D’Aleandro, visit,