Frankie’s World

Frankie's World | Thursdays at 8:30P & Sundays at 5P | Starts July 3


Welcome to Frankie’s World, a weird yet informative journey through the history of some of your favorite dishes, the strange science of cooking and of course, delicious recipes.


Episode 1: Extra Servings

Ramen was created to be a tasty, quick and cheap way to feed Japan... but it became so much more. Check out the history behind the phenomenon and enjoy extra adventures with Frankie!

Episode 2: Chicken Coup

From unloved pantry stalwart to gourmet pub favorite, Frankie demonstrates how mac 'n' cheese continues to reinvent itself. Later, Frankie shares the history of fried chicken, explains the KFC phenomenon in Japan, and whips up a spicy, Nash...

Episode 3: Humble Pie

From the "American" origins of Apple Pie to the bizarre creation myth of modern Ice Cream, Frankie takes a look at the twisted tales behind some of our beloved desserts.

Episode 4: Proletariat Pasta

Frankie uncovers a secret ingredient you never knew you loved, along with the strange history of "the prostitute's pasta." While nobody is certain of how carbonara came to be, this combo of bacon, eggs and pasta is glorious.

Episode 5: Polenta Party With a Twist

Join Frankie as he explores the history of polenta and makes an incredible short rib ragu. And are pretzels one of the most dangerous things you can cook in the kitchen? Let's find out.