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The new season of LIDIA’S KITCHEN: REFLECTING AND RECONNECTING features stories that shaped the queen of Italian cuisine, Lidia Bastianich as a person and as a chef. Throughout the 26-part series, Lidia shares anecdotes and recipes from her childhood, when times were sometimes challenging, but happy and fulfilling. LIDIA’S KITCHEN shares a combination of topical interviews, new recipe segments, reflections on older dishes, and moments of “reconnecting” where, via video chat, she cooks with family and friends. And, as in earlier series, she continues to engage the audience with her “Ask Lidia” questions. These segments are timelier than ever, as viewers continue to use contemporary online platforms to cook together, talk together, and simply be together.



Episode 1

In this episode, Lidia reminisces about her Grandma's cantina (cellar) and how she spent every summer helping her grandmother prepare the food from the bounty of the harvest for the fall and winter months. Lidia's cantina has evolved into a pantry, and in this episode she will prepare pantry friendly dishes. Recipes include: Cannellini and Pancetta Bruschetta- a combination of toasty bread, cannellini beans and pork pancetta- and Tuna and Chickpea Salad, a hearty pantry salad that is simple to make and delicious to eat.

Episode 2

Lidia remembers Grandma Rosa's olive trees and the excitement surrounding the late fall harvest of one of Italy's most prized products- newly pressed extra virgin olive oil. Lidia's recipes in this episode showcase this treasured product and include a delicate Striped Bass with Braised Broccolini and Olive Oil Cake, a culinary creation that is perfect for a snack, breakfast, and dessert.

Episode 3

The tradition of kneading dough has always been around in Lidia's family. She recalls kneading with her grandmother as a small child and continues to do it with her own grandchildren today. In this episode, she prepares a buttery, flaky Crostata with Kale, Butternut Squash and Ricotta, a delicious Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprouts Panzanella using leftover bread, and finally Pappardelle with Mixed Fresh Mushrooms.

Episode 4

Lidia reminisces about her childhood chores, which included milking the goats and helping her grandmother prepare ricotta and other cheeses. In this episode, she will celebrate the culture of cheese and prepare the following recipes: Crostini Two Ways, using Tomato and Ricotta plus Kale and Fontina. Her next recipe is a hearty and cheesy dish of Potatoes Stuffed with Sausage and Mushrooms.

Episode 5

The beautiful Adriatic Sea was a big part of Lidia's childhood, as she loved to play on the rocky beach and savor the bounty of the local waters. She prepares Linguine with Clams and Broccoli, a twist on the classic linguine con vongole. She then shows three authentically southern Italian styles of topping a piece of crusty bread for her Bruschetta Three Ways- using Mackerel and Burrata, Anchovy and Butter, as well as Broccolini di Rape and Burrata. Her Mussels with Farro, Canellini, and Chickpeas is a hearty, stew-like mixture that everyone at Lidia's table will enjoy.

Episode 6

As a child, Lidia's courtyard was home to several animals. She spent a lot of time with chickens, as she would tend to them and gather their eggs. In this episode, Lidia recollects those fond memories and creates a medley of vegetables, salumi, cheese and hard boiled eggs for her Chopped Salad with Frisee and Fennel. She also prepares a Chicken Cacciatore as well as a Potato and Egg Frico.

Episode 7

The city of Trieste always filled Lidia with excitement, even though she had to flee there to avoid the communist regime in her hometown of Pula. She and her family stayed with her Zia Nina, whose influence on Lidia's cooking is still seen in her recipes today. Recipes include Mussels Triestina, Orange & Raspberry Spritz, and a Coffee Panna Cotta made with a light, sweetened cream.

Episode 7

In this episode, Lidia talks about the harvest of wheat and the hard work involved with making flour and eventually bread and pasta. She fondly reflects on her moments with Grandma Rosa during her trips to the mill. Lidia turns leftover bread into croutons with her Caesar Salad with Baby Kale and Focaccia Croutons. She then prepares a flavor-packed Fusilli with Spinach and Herbed Ricotta, as well as Lagane Pasta with Chickpeas.

Episode 7

Lidia attended school near the beautiful city of Trieste before coming to America and picked up many essential skills from the nuns who ran it. Inspired by the soups she had for school lunches, she prepares a Cannellini Bean and Lentil Soup, as well as a one pot meal of Sausages and Apples that can feed a hungry family.

Episode 7

Lidia attended school near the beautiful city of Trieste before coming to America and picked up many essential skills from the nuns who ran it. Inspired by the soups she had for school lunches, she prepares a Cannellini Bean and Lentil Soup, as well as a one pot meal of Sausages and Apples that can feed a hungry family.

Episode 11

After the introduction of the southern Italian classics to American cuisine, the flavors of northern Italy began to arrive as well. Lidia takes us through a Layered Casserole with Beef, Cabbage, and Potatoes, a comforting dish that she likes to cook when the cold weather sets in. She then shares her Herbed Frittata Rollup with Prosciutto Cotto, which can be served hot or at room temperature, followed by a family classic- Cavatappi with Beef Guazzetto.

Episode 12

As a young girl, from a small, rural setting, the majestic skyscrapers of Manhattan were quite the sight for Lidia. As a young teenager, Lidia was in charge of most dinners since her parents were returning home late in the evening, and soups were a popular choice to feed the family. In this episode, Lidia prepares a filling meal of Potato and Pasta Soup followed by Polenta with Honey and Berries, an easy way to use leftover polenta.

Episode 13

Lidia's first home economics class as a teenager in New York confirmed her passion for food. Despite the differences compared to what she was used to, she was determined to explore it all. Lidia starts off with Lasagna with Ricotta and Mozzarella, a dish she remembers from when she was first introduced to Italian American food. She follows this with a flavorful Escarole Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes, and finishes with Baked Stuffed Vegetables, a very satisfying mixture.

Episode 14

The fig tree at Lidia's current home reminds her of her time growing up in Istria, where they would grow fruit trees. This brings back memories of eating the sweet fruits grown on the trees and playing amongst them. Recipes in this episode include a Roasted Pork Loin with Dried Cherry Sauce and an elegant Fennel and Asian Pear Salad that bursts with flavor.

Episode 15

As a teenager in the seventies, Lidia was always curious about Italian-American cuisine, which was extremely popular especially in New York City and all the boroughs. Today she honors the Italian-American culinary culture and prepares a Chicken Parmigiana Light, a leftover Meatball Panino, and a Baked Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Meatballs, and Eggs, which will be sure to leave everyone satisfied.

Episode 16

Lidia has always loved trips to the food market. From her days as a small child preparing to go to the market with her grandmother to searching for seasonal produce today, it has always been an adventure. Recipes in this episode include a Shrimp, Roasted Pepper and Olive Salad and a delicious vegetarian Eggplant Parmigiana Stacks.

Episode 17

The 1980s brought a lot of Northern Italian cuisine to New York City. This made Lidia feel at home, as a lot of the flavors central to her childhood were now with her in America. Today's recipes include a Pasta Primavera "New School," which her kids always loved growing up, and the classic Raspberry and Walnut Cookies, a beloved Italian American staple.

Episode 18

When Lidia was in her 20's, she opened Buonavia, her first restaurant, in Queens, New York. Her menu there included Italian American favorites, served alongside some of her favorite dishes from her homeland. In this episode, she prepares popular dishes from this first eatery including: a rich and flavorful Beef and Potato Goulash, and a sweet and simple Crespelle with Wild Cherries, Chocolate, and Whipped Cream.

Episode 19

Lidia constantly cherishes the memory of baking bread with her Grandma Rosa. As simple as it was, there is nothing that could take away how powerful this culinary experience was for her. Lidia starts off with a quick and easy Onion Tomato Focaccia, and then talks about Taralli, crunchy little bread rings that are a treat in southern Italy. She then makes Pizza Rolls with two uniquely Italian fillings- broccoli rabe and sausage, and ricotta and leeks.

Episode 20

The arrival of Italians into America demanded the need for Italian products as well. This resulted in more creativity and flavor in the kitchen, as Italians began to grow their produce in America. Lidia makes a Belgian & Red Endive Salad as well as a sweet Cherry Jam Tart wrapped up in an almond crust.

Episode 21

Lidia grew up around goats, who loved to play and run, but also produced the most delicious milk which would then be used to make ricotta. Here she makes light and pillowy "Naked" Spinach and Ricotta Dumplings. She then prepares an easy, sweet Open Cookie Cannoli. Finally, her Ricotta Meatloaf is topped with tomato sauce to give it some Italian flair.

Episode 22

As a child, Lidia would forage for ingredients that were not produced in the courtyard, garden, or field. Ingredients that were foraged included asparagus, mushrooms, clams, and mussels, and this seasonal adventure was always extremely exciting. Lidia begins with a hearty Chestnut and Mushroom Ragu. She then gets on videochat with her grandson, Lorenzo, for an Asparagus Gratin Topped with Fried Egg. Her Clam Soup is perfect for a weeknight dinner!

Episode 23

As Lidia works in her garden, she reminisces about her childhood and of the lessons that Grandma Rosa taught her about her vegetable patch. In the kitchen, she makes a Country Salad as well as Green Beans with New Potatoes.

Episode 24

In Lidia's courtyard, the fruit trees would blossom with flowers in spring. In the summer, it was time to play around the trees and wait for the fruit to ripen. Today, Lidia prepares a Fig and Prosciutto Bruschetta, a delicious combination of sweet and salty. She then transforms wafer cookies into Quick & Easy Truffles. Finally, it's time for a light and airy Almond Tart from Andria.

Episode 25

Today's episode is all about corn. Lidia often played in corn fields, helped with the harvests, and even slept on mattresses made from husks. Recipes for today include a refreshing Corn and Zucchini Minestra, a sweet and savory Polenta Cacio e Pere, and a combination of vegetables that can be served as a side dish or even the highlight of the dinner table- Grilled Corn, Apricots, and Portobellos.

Episode 26

Lidia fell in love with the sea growing up near the Adriatic's beautiful rocky beaches. Fishing trips with Uncle Emilio were always a lot of hard work, but definitely worth the delicious reward. Today, she prepares a Grilled Calamari Salad with Tomato Coulis, Toasted Bread with Basil Cannellini, and a Whole Roasted Branzino where everything is done in the oven for a trouble-free cleanup.

In 2020, our shared love of connecting through food brought a great group of people together. We shared stories and we shared meals. We raised spirits and we raised dollars for charity. Thank you to our friends and collaborators for a special experience. And a toast to Lidia for her commitment to nourishing and inspiring us. As Lidia says: “Let’s keep finding ways to connect and make our world a better place.”


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