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Australian chefs Andy Allen & Ben Milbourne host “Andy & Ben Eat the World”, a new, contemporary culture series for a broad audience centered around two best mates and their unique quest for culinary discovery and real life experiences. In Andy & Ben Eat the World, we see them explore the culinary meccas of Mexico, Spain & Portugal in their own unique way. From their own kitchen studio as they cook a unique dish per episode, the boys take us back over edited segments of footage from their journeys through culinary locations, crazy situations and inspired recipe creation.



Episode 1

In this episode we begin the odyssey with Andy and Ben as they arrive in Mexico for the first time. They are thrown right into the thick of Mexico City's historical food markets and find themselves crashing a local’s luncheon. Then to top off a huge day of discovery, the boys hit a night-time taco stall somewhere on the streets of one of the largest cities in the world...

Episode 2

After the bustle of Mexico City, Puebla & Oaxaca, Andy & Ben take it down a notch and head to one of Mexico's most famous coastal stretches and the picturesque town of Puerto Escondido. Here, they head offshore in search of Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish) and what ensues is the fishing trip of a lifetime. If you think you've had a good day fishing, think again. Andy drags a two metre Sailfish into the boat!

Episode 3

The boys arrive at the first stop in Europe; Barcelona, Spain, where they hit the La Boquera Market in Barcelona. Here they explore the market and look through the produce. After this, Andy and Ben take a ride on the Gourmet Bus and are treated to an amazing meal whilst seeing the sites of Barcelona. The next days the boys go mushroom hunting.

Episode 4

Andy and Ben escape the city again and head to the Basque region to get involved in the ancient sport of Rocklifting in the Basque region. The next day, the boys visit the Rioja Vivanco Winery where they try and make wine the old school way - with their feet. After this, they are served an amazing meal with a wine that goes with each dish. A few days later the boys (reluctantly) try a Spanish delicacy, Lamb Balls.

Episode 5

The boys arrive in Flamenco and put their dancing ‘skills’ to the test when they are taught the traditional dance form that is Flamenco. Andy then gets to takes a ride in a helicopter over Lisbon and both Andy and Ben get special access to the Mercado De Campo where they meet famous Portuguese chef Jose Avillez. They buy fresh produce and return to Jose’s kitchen where they cook traditional and homely dishes. Next up it’s the Algarve, Andy and Ben get to go fishing for Estuary Brim and Snapper.


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