Boys Weekend

Boys Weekend


Four international chefs get together in Australia for some weekend fun, adventure, good times and plenty of food. The chefs – Miguel Maestre of Spain, Manu Fiedel of France, Gary Mehigan of the UK and Adrian Richardson of Australia – visit unique Australian destinations where they sample the local cuisine and create some of their own. In the first episode, the boys head to a coastal retreat in Flinders, Victoria. There they’ll find Brazilian cocktails, high stakes poker, and a spot of fishing – what more could they want?


Episode 1

Lyndey and Blair arrive in Athens, the capital of Greece. They have one day to explore the vibrant city before they set off on a road trip of the Peloponnese, but before they dive into the streets to see what the city has to offer they set out for a quick pick me up of traditional Greek coffee.
Fuelled up and raring to go the pair seek out the Acropolis, Blair to climb it and Lyndey to the Museum for some culture. She then introduces Blair to a new food experience – not entirely successfully - at the Athens central market. Thankfully, there is traditional rich yogurt and drinks to follow before a fun dinner with local Greek friends. To top off the evening Blair heads out to Gazi, an area well-loved for its bars and restaurants, for a boys’ night out with one of the locals.

Episode 2

Lyndey and Blair embark on their road trip of the Peloponnese, driving through beautiful Corinth and making a pit stop at the refreshing Loutraki spa, much-needed after Blair’s night on the town.
Back on the bus and the crew stop for lunch at the Gemelos Taverna overlooking historic ruins and the ancient fortress of the Acrocorinth, the duo’s next destination.
After exploring the Byzantine relic Lyndey and Blair take a cruise down the Corinth Canal where Blair spots his next challenge that will surely give his mother a heart attack.
As if that were not enough Lyndey and Blair squeeze in a trip to the mighty ruins of Mycenae before rounding out the day with a visit to a Greek winery owned by Lyndey’s friend Yiannis.

Episode 3

Continuing their Peloponnese adventure, Lyndey and Blair spend the day in the seaside town of Nafplio. Blair, and his trusty cameraman, work off some of the decadent Greek cuisine by climbing up the 999 steps to the top of the Palamidi fortress before Blair reconnects with his mother to admire the view and soak up the history.
Swapping the land for the sea Lyndey and Blair head to the Venetian built Bourtzi Castle, famous for also once being a prison and a hotel, before adjourning for some lunch and a swim at Karathona Beach.
The pair learn about ouzo at a traditional distillery and visit the town square to pick up some Greek worry beads, or Komboloi. The next morning Lyndey gets up early to claim the freshest fish from the local fishermen’s catch before cooking the crew a feast of local produce.

Episode 4

A day of healthy exploration in Methana sees Lyndey and Blair take a dip in the natural hot springs followed by a visit to the inspiring and ancient Monemvasia, famous for its 200m long causeway which is the only way in and out of the island town.
The duo travel to Epidavros where Blair puts his acting skills to the test in the late 4th century theatre and Lyndey becomes an avid and vocal supporter at a local soccer match in Galatas.
Later that afternoon Blair, repeatedly, takes on the seemingly quite difficult, challenge of wakeboarding at Tolon beach while Lyndey has a lesson in how to make the perfect traditional Greek coffee.

Episode 5

Proceeding on their Peloponnesian travels, Lyndey and Blair visit the astonishing Diros Caves, perhaps the most stunning natural site in Greece, before immersing themselves in the bloody history of ancient and famously turbulent Vathia.
The Mani museum has unusual charms before beautiful Stoupa Beach, both great experiences unlike the pit stop at the, less than hellish, gateway to Hades!
The Milans journey takes them to the south-eastern island of Kythira, from ancient times a crossroads for merchants, sailors, and conquerors, to learn firsthand the methods of farming the island’s world-famous honey and its tantalizing local delicacies.
The island also plays home to Lyndey’s old friends, and former residents of Australia, Kate and Lucky. Lucky gives Blair a lesson in DIY wine making and Lyndey helps Kate cook up some delicious local treats in her kitchen.

Episode 6

Working off those treats from Kate’s kitchen Blair takes a morning hike through the gorgeous Kardamili Gorge, before rendezvousing with his mother to go in pursuit of culinary perfection at the Kalamata market.
Lyndey & Blair discover the secret to what makes an exceptionally good olive oil from the region’s biggest producer, before a visit to Ancient Messene brings out this family’s infamous creative flair.
Being very familiar with the finished product Lyndey and Blair head to the Mercouri Olive Oil & Wine Estate to discover the process of growing the best grapes and olives the region has to offer. Seizing the opportunity to cook with ingredients to hand, Lyndey treats everyone to a succulent roast lamb dish paired with a wine fresh from the vines.

Episode 7

Lyndey and Blair reach the end of their grand Peloponnesian adventure. Starting their day at the local Gypsy Market, mother and son indulge in some retail therapy ahead of their visit to the medieval fortress of Methoni, a site embroiled in many a conflict throughout the centuries.
The Milans’ plan to visit Nestor’s palace comes undone when the Greek caretakers unexpectedly shut early so the duo opt for the next best choice and take backgammon lessons from some Grecian pros, Lyndey the gracious victor - of course.
A trip to the ancient site of Olympia provides a healthy dose of culture and a small amount of exercise as Blair attempts to break the record for the 200m dash.
Finally, the food lovers visit a five-star resort with some cooking on the beach as Lyndey prepares a Rabbit Stifado.
An emotional farewell dinner with the cast and crew allows Lyndey and Blair hark back to the many wonderful adventures they have shared during this wonderous adventure.


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