Cook Like An Italian

Cook Like An Italian


Food writer and passionate home cook Silvia Colloca feels most Italian when she is in her kitchen. She still bakes with her mother, shares good food with friends and of course, cooks for her family but if you don’t have a treasured dowry of Italian home cooking know-how passed on to you from generations of Nonnas and Mammas, relax … because Silvia does.



Episode 1

Shop Like An Italian

In the first episode of the series Silvia starts with the basics. How do Italian home cooks shop for pantry staples and fresh produce? After visiting an Italian deli that's been running since the 1960’s and her local fruit and veg shop, Silvia prepares a rustic Tuscan chickpea pasta for her daughter Luna, bakes 2 succulent and savoury Schiacciata breads and makes her mother’s Apple and Mascarpone cake. Proving that when an Italian pantry is well stocked you only need a few fresh ingredients to create simple yet memorable meals.

Episode 2

Silvia’s Family Recipes

Family recipes are an eternal source of happiness for Italians, and in this episode, Silvia shares her family’s most cherished meals. Starting with her Nonna’s Sunday lunch spectacular, a rich sausage stew served at the table over a giant bed of soft polenta. Plus, a timeless family favourite, Pasta with Potato and Provola. And direct from Italy via webcam, Silvia’ Mum helps her bake her great Aunties famous Abruzzese style waffles.

Episode 3

Cook With Your Eyes And Hands

For Italian home cooks, recipes have never been as important to them in the kitchen as their instincts senses. In this episode nothing Silvia makes will be measured or mixed with kitchen appliances it’s all hands on. Starting with some delicious mini Pizzas made from leftover bread, a delicate prawn and lemon risotto that’s so easy to make, it's almost zen. And her mother’s foolproof Yogurt and Berry Loaf that can be made using only a spoon. Trust your hands and eyes, and these dishes will never fail.

Episode 4

Holy Bread

Bread is sacred in Italy, it’s there at almost every family meal and should never be wasted. Today Silvia shares 3 delicious ways to repurpose leftover bread, starting with a rustic, healthy Orecchiette Pasta, a baked fish dish with roasted bread and a dessert so spectacular you won’t believe it’s made with stale bread.

Episode 5

Feast Like An Italian

When Italians gather at the table to celebrate there is always love, chaos and show stopping things to eat. So, with Silvia’s best friends coming to stay for few days she is out to impress, making one of her Nonna’s most delicious, crowd pleasing pasta feasts. Plus a delicate ricotta and semolina cake that is a true show stopper, and not to be out done Silvia’s friend Rose shares an old Sicilian savoury doughnut recipe.

Episode 6

Cook Once Eat Twice

Italians are without a doubt some of the most resourceful home cooks on the planet, they believe in the time-honoured art of cooking once and eating twice. Today Silvia makes some divine ricotta filled Italian crepes, and then using the leftover ingredients shows us how to create a rustic story pie from the North of Italy and a heart baked pasta, Pasta Al Forno.

Episode 7

Hall of Fame

Italian culture is famous the world over for its art, history and architecture, but food is integral to an Italians identity. Today Silvia explores how to make 3 meals that have actually become national treasures, like the 1000-year-old recipe for Pasta Amatriciana, plus a seafood dish from the Puglia region that is largely unknown to the outside world. And a pizza dish so cherished, its recipe is protected by the EU and the United Nations, Pizza Napoletana.

Episode 8


For Italians, food has always formed a huge part of how they connect with their roots, which means keeping their culinary traditions alive is essential. Tin this episode, Silvia and her dear friend Lina make one of Italy’s most treasured Sunday recipes, the famous Ragu Napolitana. Plus, Silvia will make an old school Antipasto treat to engage all the senses. And direct for Italy, my Silvia’s Mum joins her via webcam to help her create an incredible dessert using a stale old Panettone

Episode 9

Italian Quickies

Italian home cooks are masters at the art of speedy meals, because their pantry and fridge are often stocked with essential ingredients, which combined with a little creativity can become incredible meals in no time. In this episode Silvia prepares a super quick seafood risotto, cooks a Sicilian pesto Penne in 8 minutes flat and a lemon and almond sweet treat that can be prepared in a jiffy.

Episode 10

New Traditions

Italians love tradition in the kitchen but in this episode, Silvia shares a few new tricks and hacks that Italians have learned to embrace. From a one Pot Tuna Pasta method even Silvia thought was too good to be true, to a no-knead method of baking sensational bread and finally the easiest pasta dish Silvia has ever made.