Il Confino: Una Storia Mai Conclusa (Internment: The Untold Stories)

Internment: The Untold Stories (Il Confino: Una Storia Mai Conclusa)
A TLN Media Group Original Documentary

On the occasion of the historic apology by the Prime Minister of Canada to the Italian Canadian community for the internment and incarceration without trial or charges of hundreds of its own citizens during the Second World War, and the mistreatment and discrimination that followed, TLN Media Group’s just completed special documentary aired on Friday, May 28th, 2021.

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This moving story exposes the heartbreak and humiliation associated with a little known chapter in Canadian history that has left a deep scar on the Italian-Canadian community. The documentary was produced in collaboration with Jaime Escallon Buraglia of Lulo Films. Majority financing was provided by TLN Media Group with additional support from Canada Media Fund.

On June 10, 1940, Canadian Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King declared Canada was at war with Italy. Almost immediately, 31,000 Italian Canadians were officially designated enemy aliens. Of these, about 600 were taken from their homes and separated from their families. They were held in prisons and remote camps, most notably in Petawawa, Ontario.

For many, these memories have been hidden for reasons of shame, fear, humiliation and embarrassment. As this generation is passing on, the stories are now coming to light as family members recount the experiences of their fathers and grandfathers for the very first time. After 81 years of discrimination, humiliation and suffering in silence, the healing can now begin.

As Canada’s most influential multicultural media company and the leading media source for Italian Canadians for nearly four decades, TLN Media Group takes great pride in producing culturally significant Made In Canada programs that keep the important conversations going to ensure that the lessons learned are never forgotten.


On May 27th, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the historic apology in the House of Commons, along with party leaders and federal MP’s, for the internment and incarceration without trial of Italian-Canadians during the Second World War.

Click below to view remarks from Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, and other opposition party members.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau | Leader of the Liberal Party | Apology to Italian-Canadians

Jagmeet Singh | Leader of the NDP | Apology to Italian-Canadians

Erin O'Toole | Leader of the Conservative Party | Apology to Italian-Canadians

Elizabeth May, OC, MP | Member of the Green Party

Marie-Hélène Gaudreau, MP | Member of the Bloc Québécois

TLN Media Group Original “Internment: The Untold Stories (Il Confino: Una Storia Mai Conclusa)” Makes Headlines in Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun’s columnist Rita DeMontis shined a light on TLN Media Group’s latest Original documentary “Internment: The Untold Stories (Il Confino: Una Storia Mai Conclusa)”. 

TLN Media Group CEO, Aldo Di Felice, reminisced with DeMontis about their respective lived experiences growing up Italian in the Toronto of the 1960’s through the 80’s—overcoming the collective psychological inferiority complex. A burden imposed on Italian Canadians by the establishment and society, the lasting effects of government sponsored race based discrimination.

DeMontis writes, “Unwarranted shame is a terrible burden to carry one’s whole life.”

Click here to read DeMontis’ story about TLN Media Group’s documentary special on the events of the 1940s that reverberated for decades.


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