Lidia’s Kitchen

Lidia's Kitchen | Mon-Fri at 6:30P, Sat & Sun at 6P


In this new season, Lidia showcases a collection of her favorite recipes, tips and celebratory moments. The series is shot in her beautiful studio kitchen, on location in Italy and in her home kitchen with her mother, Erminia. In this series, Lidia invites her grandchildren back to the set to cook with her in several of the episodes and shares intimate moments with several of her chefs as they exchange culinary ideas such as menu planning, wine pairing and entertaining. She also travels back to Italy to explore some of the artisanal traditions associated with Italy’s legendary and traditional ingredients. In this delightful new series, viewers will really experience the “Best of” that Lidia and all things Italy has to offer. As Lidia says, “Tutti a tavola a mangiare!” or “Everyone to the table to eat!” In this new Season, she also beckons “Tutti in Cucina a Cucinare!” or “Everyone to the kitchen to cook!”




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