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Food gourmet Michela Chiappa travels Wales to discover top secret family recipes, and the stories behind them. In each episode of this warm-hearted series Michela spends time with a single family, combining great food with genealogy to reveal some tasty treats, as well as uncovering family folklore that even the families themselves don’t always know.



Episode 1

It’s love, war and meatballs as Michela heads to Snowdonia to meet the Algieri family. Vincenzo Algieri and Betty Evans were two star-crossed lovers on opposite sides during the second world war, who bonded over their love of Italian dishes. 75 years after Betty and Vincenzo first met, Michela takes family members to Vincenzo’s homeland in search of the places, food, and Italian relatives they never knew. Then at a food-filled family reunion in their old Snowdonia farmhouse, Michela unravels the mystery of how Vincenzo found himself in a Welsh prisoner of war camp.

Episode 2

Michela is in Cardiff to meet the Aslam family. Four generations of food lovers. Between cooking curries, fish, and keema bolognaise, Michela meets 90-year-old head of the family Mohammed who came from Bangladesh in 1958 and went on to open one of Wales’ very first Asian restaurants. She also attempts to prize the family’s secret spice recipe from Mohammed’s son Azman; as well as helping Grandson Yusef create a dish to celebrate his grandparents’ 54th wedding anniversary.

Episode 3

Michela Chiappa is in Abercynon for the fascinating and touching story of the Nevin family. 57-year-old food lover Kemi Nevin is Mum to three grown-up children, and runs a successful café with her youngest child Patrick. Born in 1962 to Nigerian parents studying medicine in London, at the age of six months Kemi was temporarily fostered by a British family. At the age of six, once her parents had qualified, she was taken back to Lagos, Nigeria to live with them. But she couldn’t settle, and pined to return to her foster family. Finally conceding to her wishes, Kemi returned to the UK and left any traces of her Nigerian llife behind. Now her children are adults themselves, they would like to know more about their heritage, but Kemi shows little interest. Can Michela and son Patrick convince Kemi to reconnect to her roots through her love of food?

Episode 4

Michela Chiappa is on stunningThe Gower coast to meet and eat with an unexpected community of incomers to the area. The Blytt-Jordens are three generations of Norwegians, who have joined several other Norwegian families living in the area. They regularly get together to chat and cook up traditional delicacies from national pudding Tilsorte Bondepiker to hot waffles, and brown cheese to fermented fish. Sol Blytt-Jorden was born in Bergen, but came to the UK when she was 20. Her son Scott was born and bred here, but now that he’s got children of his own he wants to adopt some of Norwegian traditions to pass down to them. The problems in Scott, a woodscraftsman by trade, is way better with a bandsaw than a whisk. Can Michela and Sol transform him into a star turn in the kitchen by teaching him some delicious Scandinavian dishes?


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