Passion Italy

Passion Italy



PASSION ITALY celebrates all of the things Italy is known for – art, architecture, performance, food, culture – from the vantage point of a native, introducing viewers to local artisans and undiscovered places off the beaten path.



Episode 1


Visits to the workshops of a puppet maker, a cart painter, and a coral carver; exclusive access to palaces; culinary gems include the salt pans, granita, and Marsala wine; Europe’s oldest archeological site; a spectacular historic parade.

Episode 2


Gain special access to the area’s most skilled artisans using centuries-old techniques passed down through generations including a bread maker; a cheesemaker; a stone mason; a master glass craftsman; and a luthier making instruments.

Episode 3


Experience the enticing city at Italy’s center with artisans continuing Renaissance-era craftsmanship for generations, a festival carried on since the Middle Ages, an architectural wonderland, and a visit to a modern Renaissance Man.

Episode 4


A behind-the-scenes look at the most iconic Venetian images including the Ballo del Doge masquerade ball, an artisan making traditional ceramic pipes, a Murano glass maker, and a choreographer dedicated to teaching historical dances.

Episode 5


A family’s Maiolic ceramic tradition; preparations for the stunning Good Friday procession with hundreds of participants; fishing off trabocchi on the Adriatic coast; artisans crafting in copper, wrought iron, and stone.

Episode 6


Off-the-beaten-path Rome includes the street art district, the Pyramid, and the magnificent Palazzo Colonna; an eccentric artist invented a language to describe his fantasy world; medieval Viterbo; a ghost village; a tamburella concert.


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