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The new season of The Chef’s Bar is a celebration of Canada’s incredible food diversity and a chance for viewers to taste the true north!

Featuring food inspired from eight provinces and two territories. It will give viewers an epic front row seat into incredibly mouth watering dishes featuring all Canadian ingredients



Craig Harding

Craig Harding grew up in an Italian home where his Nonna cooked out of this world food. Her cooking inspired Craig from an early age to be a chef. After working at Canoe in Toronto, he knew it was time to open his own spot. In the fall of 2010, his dream was realized as he and his wife Alexandra Hutchison unveiled Campagnolo (832 Dundas West, Toronto) serving rustic Italian fare. An homage to his Nonna, the restaurant was an immediate hit and named by Maclean’s magazine as one of the 50 best restaurants in Canada.

Advice for aspiring Chefs:

“Taste everything you can and buy the best ingredients you can afford.  People want to eat great food but great hospitality goes beyond the kitchen.  Never forget the guest experience! Be hungry for knowledge, the greatest chefs are always learning.”

Rob Rossi

Rob Rossi first developed a passion for food from his Italian mother’s cooking, leading him to a part-time job at his uncle’s popular bistro. From there, Rob knew he wanted to be a chef and one day own his own restaurant. With hard work and persistence, he worked his way up through many amazing kitchens and eventually became the Executive Chef at Mercatto before competing on Top Chef Canada, earning him second place. His next step was opening his own restaurant and with partner Ryan Sarfeld, he unveiled Bestellen, a European inspired tavern with an emphasis on meat, cocktails and good times.

Advice for aspiring Chefs:

“My advice to young chefs is to be persistent and aware. Be aware of your product and how it is evolving around you in the kitchen. Watch, listen and learn. Be persistent about your growth and the growth of your peers. Don’t give up or give in.”



Episode 1

The theme of the episode is Ontario, highlighting some of the food and traditions that Rob and Craig explored on Opening: Canada. After digging into local cheeses they create an amazing main dish of home made Spatzli topped with pan roasted Ontario pork, caramelized apples, shallots, brussel sprouts and radicchio.


Devin Connell - Cookbook Author, Delica Kitchen
Afrim Pristine – The Cheese Boutique
Aaron Bick – Wine expert, owner

Episode 2

The source of inspiration shifts to British Columbia and the emphasis to seafood. Rob and Craig shuck oysters for the guests before wowing them with crab and mascarpone tortellini served in a crab bisque and topped with fresh crab meat.


Nykeem Provo - Actor
Julieta Garcia – Open Table
Aaron Bick - Wine expert, owner

the chefs cooking meal for their clients

Episode 3

Rob is joined by guest chef Angela Villalta to create a meal with Saskatoon in mind. The main event is pan seared Cornish hen accompanied by fresh polenta and summer vegetables. It’s all washed down with an awesome pavlova topped with lemon curd and summer berries.


Simmone Park – Comedian
Tim Reed Manessy – Sommelier
Deborah Verginella - Chef

Episode 4

Rob Rossi’s new restaurant Giulietta provides the menu ideas for an Italian feast that begins with olive all’ascolana which are awesome deep fried sausage balls stuffed with olives. They get the guests’ taste buds fired up for Rob’s classic cacio e pepe and a delicious desert of pine nut torta topped with lemon cream and olive oil.

Sam Kalogiros – Restaurant co-owner L’unita
Sang Kim – Chef, Author
Maida Sosa-Velazquez – Writer

Episode 5

The series gets a wake-up call with a delicious Italian brunch served up by Chefs Rob and Angela. First up is eggs-in-purgatory, a baked egg dish in tomato sauce. Angela concocts a bib lettuce salad and Rob follows up with a desert of poached peaches with mascarpone cheese and marcona almonds.

Joseph Shabason – Renowned musician
Deborah Verginella - Chef
Andrew Smith – Sommelier / Co Founder Vintage Conservatory

Episode 6

The theme of the day is red, as in American style red sauce with dishes more common to home cooking than Chef Rob’s restaurants. The red rolls out with prawns á la diablo, spicy prawns grilled with red chiles. The red streak continues with rigatoni in a rose sauce but ends with a very non-red but still amazing lemon crostada for desert.

Ali McQuaid – Designer
Anna Paul – Contractor
Andrew Smith – Sommelier / Co Founder Vintage Conservatory


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