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Soccer Cities


Are you a big fan of football, love travelling and cooking? Soccer Cities combines all these ingredients! Host Carina Caldeira travels around the world to a different Soccer City each week guided by a well-known soccer players or coaches who will share their favourite places and personal experiences. Well aware of this mission, Carina Caldeira goes for it and unfolds each destiny.



with Hulk and André Villas-Boas from Zenith

With the World Cup in Russia around the corner, Carina Caldeira takes us on an astonishing tour through the historical and monumental cultural capital of the Czars. Side by side with the Brazilian Hulk and the Portuguese André Villas-Boas, Carina pays a visit to the Zenith FC practice compound and unravels Palaces, Theatres and local delicacies of Saint Petersburg.


Episode 1

with Enzo Francescoli and Aimar from River Plate

The passion for Football is something taken really seriously around here. Having understand this, Carina Caldeira goes under the skin of Buenos Aires with the precious help of Enzo Francescolli and Pablo Aimar. Both “Porteños” will give her the best advises to explore the cosmopolitan city and above all understand the rivalry between the aficionados from River Plate and the fans of Boca Juniors, club where Maradona played for so many years before the world got to knew him.


Episode 2

with Óscar and José Mourinho from Chelsea FC

It’s one of the capitals of the world and back then it was home to the “special one”. Follow along Carina Caldeira on her way to discover the trendy London with the Portuguese José Mourinho and Brazilian Óscar Emboada, back in the days both playing for Chelsea. Local markets, fancy rooftops, lush gardens and the elegant neighborhoods of the British capital are part of this incredible episode with a private visit to José Mourinho’s shrine inside the Chelsea FC museum.


Episode 3

with Kaká and Rafael Ramos from Orlando City

Discover Orlando by the hand of one of the most famous Brazilian football players ever. Kaká and Carina Caldeira show you on this episode the strength of the MLS and the rising of interest in the United States concerning Soccer. Invited by the well-known player, Carina assists to a game inside the stadium and goes to the most gorgeous amusement parks, uncovers the natural wonders of Florida - from alligators to dolphins - and enters in some of the hidden gems of this city that has so many things to offer beyond Disney.


Episode 4

with Gonzalo Rodriguez and Cristian Tello from Fiorentina FC

Following the footsteps of the Argentinian Gonzalo Rodriguez and the Spanish Cristian Tello, both playing for Fiorentina FC, in this episode Carina Caldeira goes to the most iconic places of Firenze – from the Duomo, passing by all the beautiful piazzas, including Ponte Vecchio and unbelievable football related places like the Stadium Artemio Franchi, where the tiffosi do their best to support the local team.


Episode 5

with Marco Silva and Felipe Pardo from Olimpiacos FC

From the high-placed Parthenon, to the narrow festive streets of the neighborhood of Plaka, Carina Caldeira has find her way to Athens with the Portuguese coach Marco Silva and the Colombian footballer Felipe Pardo. Back then, both playing for Olimpiakos, they had a wonderful time in the Greek capital. Beyond all this, enjoy the daytrip of Carina to one of Marco Silva’s favorite islands in Greece where donkeys are the only way of transport.


Episode 6

with Xavi Hernandez and Jesualdo Ferreira from Al-Saad FC

In 2022, Qatar will receive the World Cup and thinking about that Carina Caldeira decided to feel the beat of the Persian Gulf country with the precious help of the Portuguese coach Jesualdo Ferreira and the Spanish footballer Xavi Hernandez, both playing for Al-Saad FC. Carina goes to marvelous and outstanding stadiums, reveals the academies at the same time she understands the traditions and the History of this country and its people. The expectations couldn’t be higher, once the Qataris love Football as much as they love their beautiful land...


Episode 7

with Mu Kanazaki from Kashima Antlers and Kazuyoshi Miura from Yokohama FC

Japan wants to be number one concerning Football in Asia and day by day the Soccer fans are growing. Jump to the streets of dazzling Tokyo with Mu Kanazaki, Kazuyoshi Miura and Hidetoshi Nakata. These three big names of Japanese Football reveal their secrets and favorite places in town to Carina Caldeira. From high end street fashion to historical temples and experiences, this is a remarkable portrait of Tokyo and its increasing passion for the game.


Episode 8

with Rui Patrício e Aurélio Pereira from Sporting Club de Portugal

Portugal has given overwhelming footballers to the world, but what’s it secret? Carina Caldeira goes to Lisbon to find out more about this sunny country and its shinning stars, like Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo or José Mourinho. Along the episode, Carina Caldeira follows the hints of Portuguese goalkeeper Rui Patrício. From the alleys of Alfama where old ladies sing Fado, to the fresh breeze of Tagus River and its gorgeous architectural novelties, Lisbon is a meca for visitors from all the corners of the planet.


Episode 9

with Laurent Címan and Evan Bush from Impact Montreal FC

It’s the most European city in Canada and probably because of that it’s the one where people do care about football. Come with Carina Caldeira to the glamourous Montreal to unravel its mysterious ways by the hand of the Belgian footballer Laurent Címan and the American Evan Bush, both playing for Impact Montreal. In spite of the number of fans in the Saputo Stadium, Canada is no longer a country just for winter sports. Also in this episode, you will learn why Laurent Címan has traded his country for Montreal and why he is so happy about it...


Episode 10


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