The Cook Who Changed Our Lives with Nigella Lawson

The Cook Who Changed Our Lives


Anna Del Conte is The Cook Who Changed Our Lives. Featuring and narrated by Nigella Lawson, Anna’s most ardent advocate, and including a cast of familiar faces, this film reveals how a Milanese cook changed our attitude to Italian food at a time when we could only buy olive oil in specialist shops or the chemist.

Anna’s story forms the back bone to the film, from her childhood in Italy and experiences during the war years, to the Britain she discovered in 1949. The film provides a jumping off point to explore our changing culinary landscape and colourful food history: from tinned ravioli in the 70s to more ‘sophisticated’ fare we enjoy today. To help tell the story, an eclectic mix of contributors inform and support the narrative. Some share cooking sequences with Anna, including Nigella herself and Michelin starred chef Giorgio Locatelli, whilst others provide comment and insight on Anna’s influence and the wider story, with guests including Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall, Angela Hartnett, Antonio Carluccio, Prue Leith, River Café founder Ruth Rogers, Tom Parker Bowles and Loyd Grossman. The Cook Who Changed our Lives is more than a food programme, it’s a memoir of a life through food: a document of Britain’s social history – how we ate then, and how we eat now – infused with personal testimony, poignant reflections and mouth-watering recipes, topped with a shot of Anna’s signature aperitivo, Prosecco Sporco.