Monday to Friday at 8P

A Special TLN Television Event Monday to Friday at 8pm

A love letter to Italy and Italians, this specially curated exclusive TLN TV event features the sights, sounds, flavours, stories and personalities the whole world adores.

Lifestyle Series | Monday to Friday at 8pm/et

  • David Rocco having dinner
    David Rocco's Dolce Napoli
    Mondays – 8:00pm
    In David Rocco’s Dolce Napoli adventure, David is in Naples, one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities and a treasure trove for foodies and travel junkies alike. Famous for its music, museums, and thriving arts scene, this Southern Italian city is also the birthplace of pizza and espresso as we know it, making it the perfect place for David to embark on a culinary adventure.
  • Italian Food Safari
    Mondays – 8:30pm
    Italian Food Safari is a celebration of the incredible breadth and hard work of the Italians who came and settled in Australia over a generation ago and have kept their food traditions intact. Food explorer Maeve O’Meara and legendary Melbourne chef Guy Grossi spend time with Australia’s top Italian chefs and producers, celebrating Italian culinary masterpieces alongside beautiful rustic family favourites.
  • Alex Polizzi
    Alex Polizzi's Secret Italy
    Tuesdays – 8:00pm
    Alex Polizzi embarks on a voyage of discovery back to her roots, taking in the colourful regions of Italy, from the cities and lakes of the North to the unmistakably Mediterranean South. Alex’s journey will see her revisiting some of her fondest memories, from her honeymoon tour to the humble hillside village that her grandfather came from and Rome, the city that she lived in during her twenties.
  • Simply Susy
    Wednesdays – 8pm
    Chef Susy Massetti travels to the small Arabian island of Bahrain to explore its fresh, local ingredients and highlight how simple it is to cook delicious restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home. Share in Susy’s real joy of food as this passionate chef proves what can be cooked up with just a little creativity, encouraging us all to do something different with the ingredients available in our own locale.
  • Gino D'Acampo
    Gino's Italian Escape
    Wednesdays – 8:30pm
    Chef Gino D'acampo returns to his home country of Italy and embarks on a culinary odyssey, from major cities like Rome and Naples to coastal villages, to discover the secrets of its cuisine in this cooking travelogue adventure.
  • Lidia's Kitchen
    Thursdays 8P | Sundays 6P
    In this Emmy®-winning series, acclaimed chef and TLN TV personaliy Lidia Bastianich warmly invites viewers into her kitchen. Whether its creating delicious meals with that distinctly Italian flair or sharing her recipes and ideas for a variety of occasions, Lidia is sharing her passion for food and family, from generation to generation.
  • Silvia’s Italian Table
    Fridays – 8:00pm
    Amazing food and great conversation are served up in Silvia's Italian Table featuring Australian actress, opera singer, author and chef, Silvia Colloca. Joined by a diverse and eclectic group of celebrity guests including former Olympians Ian Thorpe, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, renowned journalist and presenter George Negus and acclaimed chef Matt Moran, Silvia shares her personal memories and inspiration behind each mouth-watering dish and visits some of the most stunning parts of Italy.
  • Tastes Like Home
    Fridays – 8:30pm
    In Tastes Like Home, acclaimed chef and host Catherine Fulvio returns with a new season of food and travel while connecting families across the globe. Travelling from the far corners of New Zealand to the small island of Cyprus to the northern hills of Sweden, Catherine continues to blend food, travel and family with the flavours of home.
  • World's Best Chefs
    Saturdays & Sundays – 8:30pm
    With exclusive and unprecedented access to the kitchens of the world's top chefs, hostess Katie Button lifts the lid on the fantastical ingredients, pseudo-scientific processes and out-of-this-world dishes that have made these zany, culinary geniuses the most celebrated and awarded chefs on the planet.
  • David Rocco's Dolce Italia
    Saturdays 8P
    David returns to his beloved Italy, but this time to experience cities he has never been to. The northern cities of Milan, Verona, Venice, Cinque Terre, Bologna and Italia’s capital Roma act as main characters in this series. Join David as he explores these famous locations in ways that have never been seen before... where the people and their stories run parallel to the art, music and food of these great cities.