Field Trip with Curtis Stone

Field Trip with Curtis Stone | Thurs at 9:30P & Sun at 8:30P


The six-part series follows Curtis and his talented team from Maude as they travel the world seeking inspiration for the regional tasting menus at the Michelin-starred restaurant in Los Angeles. Each episode showcases the journey to one specific region Margaret River, Australia, Lombardy, Italy, Rioja, Spain and more highlighting the artisans, farmers, wine producers and topography of the area, while offering viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how the acclaimed chef conducts research for Maude’s menu and award-winning wine program.



Episode 1

Curtis searches for inspiration in the vineyards, countryside and shore of this region in the southwest corner o f Australia.

Episode 2

At the base of the Italian Alps, Curtis ventures across a spectrum of tastes, from a simple peasant dish to sturgeon caviar.

Episode 3

Heading up Highway 1, Curtis explores ingredients of the Pacific Ocean and ends the trip with an impromptu vineyard cookout.

Episode 4

Curtis is on the hunt for his favorite ingredient – truffles - and gets a tutorial from his new buddy, Massimoliano, in rolling a porchetta.

Episode 5

From dusty Outback to aquamarine waters, Curtis learns the practice of fish poisoning and creates a dish for Maude on a cattle ranch.

Episode 6

Goat cheese, steak, and a sixty-year-old bottle of wine are on the menu when Curtis and his team gather culinary inspiration in Spain.


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