OBAAs 2023


Encore Broadcast Oct 15 at 9A/et

Watch Broadcast here

The OBAA broadcast is the most distinguished industry celebration in the province recognizing business success and those who support it. This year’s TV edition will feature community leaders and organizations working toward a sustainable economy. Click here for more info and for a list of this years award recipients.

The Ontario Business Achievement Awards (OBAAs) are the most distinguished industry celebration in the province recognizing business success. For the fourth year, the 2023 Ontario Business Achievement Awards will continue as a television broadcast on TLN TV on Saturday October 14 at 3:30pm/et and take the form of six back-to-back episodes highlighting those who are supporting Ontario’s economy. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is delighted to partner with organizations each year to deliver the broadcast of the Ontario Business Achievement Awards.

The six episodes are as follows:

  • Raquel Urtasun Named OCC’s 2023 Emerging Technology CEO of the Year | OCC
    The Emerging Technology CEO of the Year Award is given to a CEO that has demonstrated exceptional leadership over the past 12 months, bringing their organization to a new level of growth and success within their industry.
  • Blake Hutcheson Named OCC’s 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient | OCC
    The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a leader who demonstrates outstanding leadership throughout their career and has made a significant and positive impact on the province and beyond.
  • Flavio Volpe Awarded Inaugural Association CEO of the Year Award | OCC
    The Association CEO of the Year Award is given to a CEO that has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the last 12 months bringing their industry association to a new level of growth and success in advocating for its members. This is the first year we will be presenting this award.
  • Over the past three years we have seen exponential growth in the number of businesses across Ontario who have begun or fully transitioned to online marketplaces and hybrid work models. The Cybersecurity episode explores the challenges and opportunities ahead for businesses as they navigate this new space in an era of increased cybercrime, highlighting practical tips and information to protect sensitive information.
  • With a rapidly aging population, Ontario will face growing challenges as a result of labour shortages in key industries and the closure of several independently owned businesses. The Aging Population episode will address how Ontario’s aging population will impact economic growth, the value of seasoned employees, and the steps businesses can take to support and leverage our aging population.
  • As the mining finance capital of the world and a major source of mineral production, supply and innovation, Ontario can play a critical role in supporting countries around world in the green transition. The Critical Minerals and Mining episode will highlight the current and future landscape of mining in Ontario, examine the crucial role of Indigenous communities in resource extraction projects, and showcase entrepreneurship across the industry. The episode will also discuss the linkages between the province’s mining and manufacturing of electric vehicle batteries powered by Ontario’s first-ever Critical Minerals Strategy.