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SEARCHING WITH CHEF SANG is a documentary series that follows celebrated chef and writer Sang Kim on a culinary road trip across his home province. Over the course of six half-hour episodes, Sang travels across Southern Ontario to meet a colourful, multi-generational cast of Korean Canadians, each with their own unique perspectives and recipes to share. Swapping stories and theories of ‘home’ over delicious Korean meals, Sang’s guests paint a portrait of a diverse, vibrant culture that is alive in even the most unlikely small towns in Canada.

One part travelogue, one part culinary series, and one part love letter to his Korean heritage, SEARCHING WITH CHEF SANG invites audiences along on a journey with the singular Sang Kim as he searches for beauty, truth, belonging and the perfect kimchi.



Episode 1

In the pilot episode, Sang kicks things off where it all began: his old stomping grounds in Toronto’s Koreatown. He visits Korean Village Restaurant, a K-Town institution, to hear from proprietor Jason Lee about his struggle to keep the restaurant afloat, through the pandemic. Later, Sang meets his old friend, former K-Pop star Shaun Park, to investigate the Korean hot dog craze that’s sweeping the neighourhood, and round out the night at a karaoke spot with a group of local youth.

Episode 2

In Hamilton, Sang boards the formidable battleship HMCS Haida to meet HooJung Jones Kennedy, a community organizer and Korean War veterans advocate. Over a picnic of buddae jjigae (army base stew) shared with two aging but spirited veterans, HooJung shares the story of her mother’s incredible escape from North Korea at the end of the war. Sang sits down for a cup of makgeolli (rice wine) with a young filmmaker who has an equally high-stakes family story involving the war. Sang rehashes his experiences with his old friend, Dale Yim, over a delicious bowl of the classic Pyongyang cold noodle dish, naengmyeon, at Dale’s restaurant, Song Cooks.

Episode 3

It’s Sang’s first time visiting Thunder Bay, and he has no idea what to expect. Against the harsh, rugged landscape, he finds a warm welcome from local photographer Damien Gilbert, and his partner, Chloe Kim, one of the few Koreans who call Thunder Bay home. After a delicious welcome meal at a fine-dining Canadiana restaurant, the group heads out to a cabin in the bush, where Sang experiences a floating wood sauna, goes flying fishing with Chloe, and cooks a Korean feast for his new friends

Episode 4

In the heart of cottage country, Sang discovers a Korean farm-to-table community dining experience, and is blown away. Ji Choi and her family don’t advertise their farm, though it is quietly open to travellers, church members, and Korean Canadians searching for the flavours of home. Sang can’t resist the opportunity to bring his mother, Ok-Su Kim, along for the ride. Sang and Ji harvest radishes, which brings Sang back to the taste of his childhood in Korea. When Sang learns that Ji’s mother has never taught her how to make kimchi, Sang and the ommas hold an intimate but unforgettable kimjang (kimchi-making festival).

Episode 5

Heading out into farm country, Sang meets Mitchell Good, of Good Family Farms, and tours his massive organic farm. The Good Farmer gifts Sang a pork belly from his Berkshire pigs for an upcoming cookout. The following day, Sang pays a visit to the Flying Chestnut restaurant in small town Eugenia to meet up with indigenous chef Shawn Adler. Together, the two chefs forage and hold a cookout together. Shawn makes cedar tea and rabbit stew with foraged herbs for Sang, who reciprocates with one of his favourite Korean dishes, samgyeopsal (three layer pork belly). Joined by some local friends, Shawn and Sang swap stories and enjoy the bounty and diverse offerings of their table.

Episode 6

For many Korean families, a visit to Niagara Falls is a staple holiday - a pilgrimage to a place that might appear superficial, but contains surprising multitudes. At least, that’s how Sang sees it. Niagara Falls occupies a complicated place in Sang’s heart and imagination. Here, he visits a two young Korean couples who are trying to make it in hospitality - Jade and Catalina, who own a fried chicken shop and a bakery, and Ashley and Ryan, who run a popular cocktail bar. He also meets Ju-Yeon Bae, a beloved convenience story owner who prepares and gives out free sandwiches every Sunday. Sang’s guests help him to appreciate the beauty of striking out on your own, but also the importance of finding a community you can lean on.


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