Open Fire With Rob Rossi & Craig Harding

Open Fire | Coming Soon


Celebrated Canadian Chefs and popular hosts of the long-running Opening series on TLN, Rob Rossi and Craig Harding, are back with a new rustic and inspiring culinary adventure that takes place entirely over an open fire on a picturesque country estate. The series spans all four seasons, showing viewers that outdoor cooking isn’t just for Bermuda shorts and barbecue season. The chefs heat things up in snowy mid-winter, spring, fall, and summer, bringing fresh, seasonal ingredients to the table.


Rob Rossi & Craig Harding release New Series Open Fire- Coming Soon to TLN TV


Episode 1

Chefs Rob and Craig create the perfect fall feast centred around a magnificent pork rack slow-roasted over the coals. It's accompanied by spiced buttercup squash cooked in a cast iron pan nestled in the fire. To top it off, Rob uses the wood-fired barbecue to introduce a delicious fried apple treat for dessert.

Episode 2

The fall theme continues with a hearty meal of venison shepherd's pie. Rob and Craig slow cook a venison stew on the barbecue before assembling the pie in a cast iron pot placed in the fire. It's served with pouding chômeur, a classic Quebec maple syrup cake created fireside from scratch.

Episode 3

Rob and Craig fire up the plancha, a cast iron grill perfect for cooking rainbow trout. But the star of the meal is their French onion soup, a hearty dish made entirely over the fire, right down to the bread for croutons. It's the epitome of comfort food and a wonderful finale for a delicious fall cookout.

Episode 4

With spring in the air, Rob and Craig create a fresh, veggie-forward meal, starting with a bright asparagus, artichoke, and shaved parmesan salad. Afterwards, they bake an Italian zucchini pasta with romescu sauce in a casserole dish over the open fire. A whole, fire-roasted head of cauliflower drizzled with homemade pesto makes the perfect side dish.

Episode 5

Taking a cue from Craig’s restaurant Constantine, the Chefs whole-roast two chickens using a Mediterranean spice blend which includes zatar, coriander, and oregano. For dessert, it doesn’t get any better than homemade pie. Pastry is known to be an art of precision, but Rob and Craig are ready to turn that philosophy on its head as they whip up a rustic, cast-iron cherry pie over the coals.

Episode 5

Rob and Craig prepare two beautiful sockeye salmon using a marinade that incorporates dill, a dash of maple syrup, tamari, and olive oil. As the fish smoke over the open flame, the chefs make a couscous salad using fresh mint, pomegranate, feta cheese, and capers. Rob whips up a simple, pan-fried flatbread and creamy cucumber salad to round out the meal.

Episode 5

Summer’s here, and Rob and Craig are taking their grilling game to a whole new level. The Chefs reveal the secret to a perfectly seared ribeye steak, and they cook crispy Hasselback potatoes using drippings from the steaks. To balance the meal, the Chefs gather a mix of tender garden greens like rapini, mustard greens, and chard, and roast them with oil and salt to bring out the natural flavours.

Episode 5

Rob and Craig relive their favourite memories of Argentina by creating their own curanto for a special backyard cookout. The Chefs layer sweet potatoes and other vegetables with clams and mussels, cuts of meat, and a layer of leaves to contain the steam and delicious flavours. To finish, Rob makes traditional, silky flan, topped off with dulce de leche syrup simmered in a pot over the fire.

Episode 5

In an East Coast-inspired cook-out, Rob and Craig make oysters Rockefeller, barbecuing the shellfish with parsley, panko, and homemade béchamel sauce. They boil live lobsters and season the delicate meat with a curry-butter sauce to create next-level lobster rolls with a kick. For dessert, Rob folds roasted peaches and apricots into a spiced crumble.

Episode 5

To cap off a sumptuous summer of delicious, open-flame cooking, Rob and Craig prepare a celebratory Italian meal. They roast succulent lamb spiedini skewers over the open fire, mixing the tender meat with fresh arugula, flaked parmesan, and a garlicky cucumber yogurt sauce. Craig makes his famous Campagnolo spaghetti with fire-roasted tomatoes, and Rob offers his take on whole-roasted, barbecued corn with aioli and parmesan to finish.