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Open Fire | Tues at 5:30P & Thurs at 8P


OPEN FIRE  is a rustic outdoor cooking series featuring acclaimed Chefs Rob Rossi and Craig Harding creating delicious, innovative dishes over multiple fires.

The series spans all four seasons as the Chefs heat things up in the fresh days of spring through to the crisp cold of snowbound winter.

As more people than ever before are cooking at home with close friends and family, OPEN FIRE provides incredible cooking recipes and tips for slow-roasted dishes and searing specialties.  With a relaxing and chill vibe in front of the crackling fires, Chefs Rob and Craig make OPEN FIRE a warm welcome to the great and hearty outdoors.


Rob Rossi & Craig Harding release New Series Open Fire- Coming Soon to TLN TV


Episode 1

Chefs Rob and Craig create the perfect fall feast centred around a magnificent pork rack slow-roasted over the coals. It's accompanied by spiced buttercup squash cooked in a cast iron pan nestled in the fire. To top it off, Rob uses the wood-fired barbecue to introduce a delicious fried apple treat for dessert.

Episode 2

The fall theme continues with a hearty meal of venison shepherd's pie. Rob and Craig slow cook a venison stew on the barbecue before assembling the pie in a cast iron pot placed in the fire. It's served with pudding chômeur, a classic Quebec maple syrup cake created fireside from scratch.

Episode 3

Rob and Craig fire up the plancha, a cast iron grill perfect for cooking rainbow trout. But the star of the meal is their French onion soup, a hearty dish made entirely over the fire, right down to the bread for croutons. It's the epitome of comfort food and a wonderful finale for a delicious fall cookout.

Episode 4

The chefs ring in Spring with offerings from the sea. Tarragon crabcakes that sizzle on the plancha are followed by a showstopping spot prawn risotto – infused with seafood broth, fresh Ontario Asparagus, Marasco sparkling wine, and served underneath a crown of plancha-grilled prawns. Their pineapple upsidedown cake is baked in the open fire “oven”, in coal covered pans, right on the hot stone.

Episode 5

The chefs hang a lamb leg over the smoking fire pit and place a pan of ratatouille amongst the coals beneath it to catch the drippings. In the meantime, Rob and Craig create an appetizer of fire roasted provolone with peaches. They finish off the meal with an elevated, deep-fried funnel cake, topped with macerated strawberries and cream.

Episode 6

Rob and Craig use fire for some late summer magic. Their plancha grill turns a Canadian steak into a delicious hand-chopped Italian-style burger. They melt brie and roasted grapes in a cast-iron pan, and make a romesco sauce from flame-charred peppers. The final act: Bananas Foster in the pan with rum flambé.

Episode 7

Chefs Rob and Craig bring fire to some vegetarian dishes. Fire-heated oil is used to deep fry crispy tempura zucchini, then paired with raw zucchini, hot honey and mint. A Mediterranean-inspired hummus is accompanied by roasted root vegetables and fresh pita hot off the plancha. The day wouldn’t be complete without nostalgic fireside hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows.

Episode 8

As fall sets in, Rob and Craig crank up a citrus salad by grilling whole radicchios over flame, and tossing golden, foraged chanterelle mushrooms in a cast iron pot over the fire. The chefs’ favoured plancha is the ideal temperature and surface for grilling a Tomahawk steak to perfection. For dessert, a spread of classic crepes only need a flash in the pan before they are ready to eat.

Episode 9

The chefs present substantial and efficient meals to the fireside for winter. Their fine butternut squash caramalizes quickly on the plancha before being dressed in maple butter that only needs a few moments in the embers. The chefs prepare mussels over the fire that can be eaten straight out of their steaming pot. A decadent, boozy tiramisu completes a slate of meals that warm from the inside out.

Episode 10

Surrounded by snow, Rob and Craig introduce a Canadian Candle to the outdoor kitchen – a flaming log that acts as a stove top en plein air. They use this natural element to stew a one-pot ham hock and split pea soup. While that simmers, the chefs use the cast-iron plancha to prepare a medley of charred brussel sprouts and citrus fruit; for dessert, they use it again to flip ricotta pancakes.


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