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Now On FREE PREVIEW Across Canada until the end of the year!

Hey Canada! Craving adventure and a world of new experiences – TLN Media Group is excited to announce a nationwide free preview of 7 of our multicultural TV channels starting immediately and lasting until the end of December 2021.

Working with participating carrier partners, our 7 TV channels in English, Spanish, and Italian can now be seen by 20 million Canadians in about 9 million homes during this special freeview event.

Escape this fall with TLN TV’s celebrity chefs as they take us on culinary journeys around the world and in their home kitchens. Pour yourself a glass of vino and cheer on your favourite team with an all-star soccer lineup of weekly Serie A Italian league matches every Sunday, FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifier coverage, and the UEFA Nation’s League Finals.

Stay connected with all the latest news and entertainment via the top brands in Italian and Spanish TV including all-Italian language news channel TGCOM24 and Mediaset Italia, and the country’s leading all Spanish-language TV channel Univision Canada and all movie channel Cinelatino.

Learn a second language alongside your children as they enjoy popular kid’s shows in Spanish and Italian on Teleniños and Telebimbi Heritage language channels.

As a hub of multicultural influence for all Canadians, TLN Media Group is committed to keeping diverse audiences informed and entertained at a time when feeling connected is needed more than ever. We applaud the commitment shown by Canada’s largest television providers to support independent multicultural media. The national free preview of the TLN Media Group TV channels is a testament to the carriers’ dedication to the country`s three million Italian and Hispanic Canadians, and the millions more who enjoy the English language programming offered on our main channel, TLN TV.

List of Free Preview channel numbers by TV provider below.

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