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ANTHONY SARRACCO: Award-Winning Italian-Canadian Director on his upcoming documentary ‘Lost and Found in Italy,’ Filming in Italy, and the secret to Italian “Nirvana.”

ANTHONY SARRACCO: Award-Winning Italian-Canadian Director on his upcoming documentary ‘Lost and Found in Italy,’ Filming in Italy, and the secret to Italian “Nirvana.”


Bringing The Italian Legacy to Canadian Cinema

Anthony Sarracco, DGC | PLuri-Award Winning Canadian Film Director (Photo Credit: Rebellion Films)

Widely regarded as one of the most significant and influential Italian-Canadian filmmakers in Canada, Anthony Sarracco has Italy running through his veins. Born in Montreal to Italian parents, Sarracco would spend the school year in Canada and summers in Italy with his grandparents. Sarracco studied and worked as an actor for nearly a decade— good part of that time studying at the Strasberg Studio before enrolling in film school. He now spearheads the creative engine at Rebellion Films and, for well over a decade, has developed his skill-set in Film and Television Production. His documentary work took flight after winning a small short documentary competition for his film “Portraits of New York,” judged by Bill Weir and Philip Bloom from CNN’s “The Wonder List.” Anthony has since produced ten feature documentaries, all sold for television broadcasting. Among his award-winning documentaries in collaboration with TLN Media group are Tendenza (2020), Malocchio Moderno (2021), Montecassino (2018).

Cinematographer/Composer Michael Franceschini and Anthony Sarracco (Photo Credit: Rebellion Films)

Shared with Cinematographer Michael Franceschini, Sarracco has won more than 20 Best Film Awards in multiple categories at several prestigious Film Festivals worldwide, including the Vegas film awards, Cannes World Film Festival, the Florence Film Awards, and Hollywood Gold Awards. Categories include but are not limited to “Best Feature Documentary,” “Best Director in a Feature,” “Best Original Story,” and “Best Feature Script.”

Italy-Canada Partnerships

In 2019, I had published an article about my reversion to Catholicism after a life-changing visit to the Sanctuary of Saint Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo, Puglia. It was a piece that I thought would damage my career, yet little could I imagine that Antonio Giorgi, journalist and longtime Host of TLN, would read and bring this story to Sarracco’s attention.

Sarracco: I first met Giovanna while working on a documentary on the life of a Capuchin monk named Padre Pio. She had a beautiful testimonial to share and was a must-have interview for the project. During our many zoom calls prepping for the interview that I would be flying from Canada to Italy to conduct, I began to notice a natural familiarity with Giovanna and her husband, Tony. It was as though I had known them my entire life. Our brief meetings grew into two-hour-long conversations where we discussed not only the documentary but life. There was a sincerity and intimacy in the stories we shared that would normally come with years of nourishing a friendship.

Lost and Found in Italy

Sarracco: After reading Lost and Found in Italy, nearly devouring the words on the pages in a day, I was awestruck by Giovanna’s ability to hit deep emotions I have had brewing inside of me for years. It left me wanting. It reminded me of something I had learned long ago and was now fading. A choice. A choice I had made NOT to take the “natural” (or what I call the unnatural) path set out for me by my ancestral karmic debt. Severing ties, this one, in particular, allows a person to grow exponentially from the limits burnt into their subconscious, allowing one to unplug from the machine (yes, the film guy made a Matrix reference).”

Michael Franceschini filming Giovanna Bonomo and Film Producer Yuping Lin in Trevignano Romano

In early Fall 2021, the actor turned producer/director, Sarracco and Director of Photography Michael Franceschini, broke ground in Italy, and we quickly began production on Lost and Found in Italy. We conducted nearly 20 interviews with people worldwide, including American and Canadian Influencers Luke Ranieri and Elissa Dell’Aera, Internationally-Acclaimed Artist Michal Cole, Italian singer/songwriter Mauro DiMaggio, Michelin Star Chefs Antonio Zaccardi and Angelica Giannuzzi, Diana Von Harsdorf, a German Baroness who did every job known to man to stay in the Eternal City.

The big takeaway?

Sarracco: We are not machines; we are human beings. Beautiful, living, breathing complex organisms and should be treated as such. You are not meant to enjoy 14 days out of 365. You are designed to live. Italy offers life worth living. It offers an opportunity to feed your senses on a daily basis. Sure it’s not perfect, but what country is?

Shooting in Rome’s most iconic locations during the height of the pandemic wasn’t easy. We had location permissions for most of our shots, and Anna Cosimi, Apulia-Coast-to-Coast personal driver, chauffeured us throughout the capital fighting through traffic and protecting the crew from anyone and everyone who dared get in our way. All went surprisingly smooth until we got to Trevi Fountain. But I’ll let Anthony tell this story from his perspective:

Sarracco: Our schedule was fast and rigorous, and the covid restrictions were a pain in the butt. Italian bureaucracy veered its ugly head when we attempted to film a short sequence at the Trevi fountain. I like telling this story because, for me, it describes Italy in a nutshell. We arrived in the early morning to film, only to be stopped by two military soldiers. They informed us that we could not film near the fountain without a permit from the lord’s high command (I’m exaggerating for effect). We dumbed down the operation and told them we would only film with our iPhones. They refused. We pointed out that there were about a dozen tourists at this very moment filming with their iPhones. Did all these people have permits? They didn’t care for reason. Hopeless. As Giovanna haggled with the soldiers, I did what I had learned on my many trips to Italy—I went for a coffee and cornetto. A form of meditation, if you will. Upon my return, we decided to strip down our cameras and enter the area of the Trevi Fountain from the northern side where the military guards couldn’t see us. You see, even though the military may say NO, the Polizia may say YES. And so it went.

We got our shots. It was beautiful. The police officer standing next to us smiled, and everyone was happy. Italy in a nutshell. Italian bureaucracy equation: No + passionate argument (regardless if the person is a government operative wielding a fully automatic assault rifle or not) + espresso + adaptation = Italian nirvana. Needless to say, I am looking forward to part two of Giovanna’s book, and I hope everyone finds their Italy!

Films To Look Out for In 2022/2023

2022/2023 will bring several new productions, including long-awaited documentaries: Gotica, Padre Pio, Lost and Found in Italy, Candombe, Italofobia, and Whip Cream—a brand new six-episode English language comedy series about a Neapolitan pastry chef hiding in Brampton coming to TLN, Canada’s most influential multicultural media company. For more information on Anthony Sarracco and Upcoming Rebellion Films productions, visit:

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TLN Media Group Makes Top 30 on Playback’s 2022 Indie Report

TLN Media Group Makes Top 30 on Playback’s 2022 Indie Report

Playback Canada’s Indie List 2022 is in, and TLN Media Group continues to make its mark in the production sector as one of Canada’s top independent production companies!

Working alongside a talented team of award-winning multicultural and multi-lingual writers, directors, crew and collaborators, TLN Studios is currently producing an extensive list of tv and digital media projects in over half a dozen languages.

As Canada’s most influential multicultural media company, we are deeply-rooted in Canadian stories and storytelling for national and worldwide audiences.

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TLN Media Group Unveils New Canadian TV Specials: “Speaking Freely”

TLN Media Group Unveils New Canadian TV Specials:
“Speaking Freely” with
Dr. Rafael Gomez

Sundays at 8P/et on TLN TV – Starts April 24th

A TLN Media Group commissioned series of TV specials entitled Speaking Freely will air Sundays at 8P/et starting April 24th on TLN TV.

The series of one-hour specials is hosted by Dr. Rafael Gomez, Professor of Employment Relations at the University of Toronto, and produced by Render Media at the TLN Media Group Studios in Toronto’s Columbus Centre, with additional contributions from guests across Canada.

Speaking Freely represents our serious side. “As an independent immigrant-owned media company operating in a Canadian media environment dominated by giant concerns, we believe we have a public duty to our multicultural communities and the Canadian public at large to use our channels to advance public discourse of fundamental issues. Our democratic values and future depend on it, and Dr. Gomez is the ideal protagonist. He is decidedly respectful, evidence-based and uncompromising when it comes to uncovering the truth.”  TLN Media Group President, Aldo Di Felice

“It is no secret that the rigid adherence to establishment narratives and the shunning of dissident and heterodox viewpoints from the left and right, is driving the growth of alternative online programming. Digital formats and platforms are creating massive audiences for independent journalists and hosts.  Nonetheless, I believe that there is still an audience for a legacy news product that bucks the current corporate consensus and provides honest and intelligent discussion in the tradition of past shows of the 1970’s and 1980’s like the Shulman Files and Firing Line. Speaking Freely, seeks to fill a gap. It brings a modern sensibility to the current affairs format with entertaining debate that does not shy away from asking tough questions and provides a platform for voices rarely heard in mainstream media.”  Dr. Rafael Gomez, Professor of Employment Relations at the University of Toronto

Speaking Freely examines the past, present and future of Canadian democracy and our multicultural society. Where have we come from, where are we now and where are we going? To address these questions, we interview regular citizens and experts who are willing to speak freely about the issues that matter to Canadians.

Episode topics follow:
“Is The Media Becoming the Message? – Has traditional media lost its relevance for most Canadians and does the rise of independent journalism point to a brighter future?

“Who Stands on Guard for Thee?”
–  In 1961, a young Canadian hero named Frances Oldham Kelsey stopped the approval of Thalidomide in the US saving thousands of lives…in Canada, however, we allowed pregnant women to take the drug. Have we learned anything since then?

“Are We Running Roughshod Over Democracy?”- How well have Canada’s democratic institutions held up during the past two years? Has the pandemic provided a convenient cover for the weakening of voter accountability and public voice?

“Never Say Never Again – The History of Internment in Canada” – As we witness the awful scenes of war and displacement in the Ukraine, did you know that during WWI Canada interned around 80,000 people, mostly Ukrainian Canadians under the authority of the War Measures Act. Many were also obliged to register as “enemy aliens” during the war. The same thing happened again during WWII to Japanese, Italian and Jewish Canadians of German descent. Who’s to say it can’t happen again?

“Inflation Nation – Is Inflation Out of Control in Canada?” – Less than a year ago we were being told by government officials that the problem with our economy was the threat of deflation. Now that gas is approaching 2 dollars a litre, housing prices are through the roof across the country, and food prices skyrocketing, does anyone doubt that we are in an inflation spiral?

“Canada’s Covid Exit Strategy  
What Can Be Learned from the Past Two Years?” – The pandemic began with a simple catch phrase – “two weeks to flatten the curve”. Two years later we ask the question, have decision makers learned anything about how to handle the next public health crisis?

For more information, contact: Bruna Aloe | Senior Director, Communications & Marketing | 416.744.5745 | [email protected]

About Dr. Rafael Gomez
Rafael Gomez is a Full Professor of Employment Relations in Human Resources at the University of Toronto. Many of you may know Rafael from his many publications. Others may have seen or heard him in the media as he has been a frequent guest on radio, TV and other media. Prof. Gomez received his Bachelors in Economics and Political Science from Glendon College, a Masters in Economics and a PhD in Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto. He went on to teach at the London School of Economics and has held Visiting appointments internationally at Moscow State University, University of Munich, University of Zurich, the Central Bank of Spain among others. He returned to the University of Toronto as Associate Professor in 2009 and as Full Professor in 2020. Prof. Gomez’s many research interests include small-scale entrepreneurship, worker preferences for workplace representation and the effect of demographic change on labour markets and economic institutions. He has co-authored and co-edited 4 books and over 70 articles and chapters in prestigious academic publications. In 2013 his book The Little Black Book for Managers was published by Wiley and became a UK business book bestseller. In 2015 his book Small Business and City: The Transformative Potential of Small-Scale Entrepreneurship was published by Rotman-UTP press and in 2019 his book The Everyday Leader was published by Bloomsbury Press.

About TLN Media Group
Nearing 40 years of service to Canadians, the TLN Media Group organization brands continue to inform and entertain millions. Whether in Italian, Spanish, English and other languages, TLN has played a key role in the development of the national multicultural media landscape.  Since launching in 1984, the original ethnic TV channel “Telelatino” has grown to become TLN Media Group, Canada’s most influential multicultural media company. TLN Media Group is an independent, immigrant-owned organization dedicated to connecting communities through storytelling and shared experiences. As a multicultural advocacy leader, TLN Media Group selects, curates, produces, and commissions unique and culturally significant TV and digital content distributed in Canada and worldwide.  TLN TV, the original flagship channel has evolved into a mainstream-friendly destination providing multiculturally rich content. TLN Media Group also operates Canada’s most widely available multilingual TV channels led by Spanish language leader Univision Canada and top Italian language services Mediaset Italia Canada and TGCOM24 news network. And TLN Media Group’s additional TV channels include Canada’s first and only Heritage language channels for kids, Telebimbi (Italian) and Teleniños (Spanish), bringing well-known Canadian-made kids shows to families nationwide; and EuroWorld Sport TV, a channel dedicated to sports fandom. TLN Media Group has produced and promoted many cultural events and festivals, the most widely recognized of which is the annual TD Salsa in Toronto/Salsa on St Clair summer festival and street party.

About Render Media
Render Media in an Award-Winning Video Agency that has been engaging audiences through video, digital media, and experiences, since 2008. Along with full-service video production capabilities, Render Media has a wide array of digital products and services for Marketing, Advertising, and Communications. Through its divisions Render Cast and Render Docs, Render Media also produces world class Live Webcasting, Virtual Events, Vlog Series, Video Podcasts, Talk Shows, Documentaries, Docu-Series, and Factual TV Series.

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TONIGHT on Univision Canada: Catch the exclusive Canadian broadcast of the Premio Lo Nuestro Music Awards

Univision Canada Presents the EXCLUSIVE Canadian broadcast of the 34th Annual Premio Lo Nuestro Music Awards

TONIGHT – Thursday, February 24 at 7P/et, LIVE from Miami


Celebrate the biggest stars in Latin music as Univision Canada presents the Exclusive Canadian broadcast of the 34th annual Premio Lo Nuestro Music Awards! LIVE from FTX Arena in Miami, the longest-running Latin music awards show airs TONIGHT at 7P/et only on Univision Canada.

Tonight’s not to be missed star-studded event features the who’s who of Latin music. Highlights include special performances by eight-time nominee and this year’s “Global Idol” winner, Maluma, hot off the release of his new movie with Jennifer Lopez, “Marry Me”. Iconic Italian Superstar Laura Pausini will deliver a historic performance from Rome, Italy, debuting her new single, “Caia”, and for the first time ever, music legend, Sting will perform his new Spanish hit single, “Por Su Amor”.

This year’s nominees feature Colombian superstars Camilo and J Balvin with 10 nominations each, Natti Natasha with 7 nominations, Luis Fonsi, Gente de Zona, Olga Tañón and Prince Royce.

Stay connected on Univision Canada social channels as TLN Media Group host and Latin music expert Camila Gonzalez gives viewers an inside look at the nominees, latest fashions and top highlights from the Magenta carpet and award ceremony.

For a full list of nominees and the latest news on performers and presenters, visit

Univision Canada presents the 34th Annual Premio Lo Nuestro Awards
Exclusive Canadian broadcast – Thursday, February 24, 2022
Magenta Carpet at 7pm/et │ LIVE Awards Show at 8pm/et
Encore Broadcast – Saturday, February 26 at 3pm/et

Univision Canada is available across Canada.  Click here to see where to watch.

Press Releases TLN Soccer Fanatics Videos Videos Page

The Awaited Return of TLN Soccer Fanatics

Nearly two decades ago, TLN’s Italian Soccer Fanatics was born, featuring supporters who were affected emotionally and psychologically by the outcome of a fixture.

The weekly national TV show reviewed Italian soccer games from a fan’s perspective in the early 2000’s and was one of TLN’s most memorable segments, with passion and friendly hostility characterizing the mood of every show.

Reboot of TLN Soccer Fanatics

We are excited to announce a reboot of TLN Soccer Fanatics with a fresh rebrand and the same passion that drove engagement on the original show.

Hosted by TLN Media Group’s Camila Gonzalez and Antonio Giorgi of Intermezzo con Antonio, these micro-segments will feature a rotating panel of guests, super fans and player interviews, with the focus of connecting the calcio community and allowing supporters to express their opinions.

Where to Watch

These segments will be available to watch via television and across TLN’s LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

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COMMENTARY: It’s time to recognize Canada’s ethnic media in our broadcasting system

January 31, 2022 

“Language is at the heart of cultural identity; it shapes who we are and our perspectives. When we speak our languages, we share stories, pass on knowledge and create bonds for generations.” – Patrimoine canadien – Canadian Heritage, Ottawa, June 14, 2021

EARLY LAST YEAR a group of organizations came together to advocate for inclusion of diverse communities and ethnic programming in Bill C-10. We called ourselves the Canadian Ethnocultural Media Coalition (CEMC). The initial group has expanded and now includes the most active and prolific ethnic media organizations in the country (see list of members below).

As Parliament prepares to again ponder modernizing the Broadcasting Act, we are restarting our efforts to secure official recognition as having a place and a value in the system, something that is long overdue given the demographic makeup of this country, with one in five Canadians reporting a non-official language as the language most often spoken at home.

However, the most recent expert study on broadcasting policy reform – the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel – not only ignored multicultural media in its 97 official recommendations, it didn’t even mention multiculturalism or ethnic broadcasting in the entire 235 page report.

Unfortunately, the Canadian ethnic media industry has never been recognized and allowed full membership in our broadcast system. The CRTC Ethnic Broadcasting Policy was issued in 1999 some 23 years ago during the analog age and has never been updated.

To be precise, I am not talking about extending an invitation to the diverse ethnic minority communities of Canada, to participate in creating, consuming and working in mainstream media. Fortunately, that is happening. Rather, I am speaking of Canadian programming produced by and delivered to our ethnocultural communities. Ethnic media creators and operators have been denied appropriate and proportionate recognition and supports.

Let’s look at the present context and realize how this is a truly serendipitous moment. First, Canada’s official multiculturalism policy established in 1971, just passed the half century mark. Second, Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is about to complete its 40th anniversary (it came into being on April 17, 1982) and Section 27 calls for all of those rights to “…be interpreted in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canadians”. And of course, our nation has never been more ethnoculturally and multilingually diverse as we are today.

All four pillars of Canadian society should be recognized, reflected, supported and participate in our broadcasting system: Canada’s French and English founding cultures; Indigenous communities; and the diverse ethnic minority communities of Canada, including Black and racialized communities.

The Broadcasting Act should recognize that full participation in the system includes production of content and operation of broadcasting services. It should also ensure such Canadian content, including ethnic programming, and such Canadian services, are made available and visible, not marginalized.

Therefore, we are again proposing inclusions to reflect Canada’s ethnocultural diversity in legislation to amend the Broadcasting Act. These amendments will ensure that the Act recognizes diverse ethnic minority communities appropriately. This will in turn ensure that regulatory action focuses on concrete measures to address systemic inequities.

Given the pressures being exerted on our sector by a fast changing media content industry, we desperately hope and remain determined to see our value acknowledged and our place in the system secured.

Aldo Di Felice is president of TLN Media Group and a member of the Canadian Ethnocultural Media Coalition.

The full list of CEMC member organizations and their representatives includes:

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Latin Grammy Awards Exclusive Canadian Broadcast Thurs. Nov 18 – Only on TLN TV and Univision Canada – Now on Free Preview!

TLN Media Group Presents EXCLUSIVE Canadian Broadcast of the 22nd Annual LATIN GRAMMY Awards®

TOMORROW – Thursday, November 18
LIVE from Las Vegas

Noche de Estrellas Pre-Show: 7P/et
on Univision Canada
Awards Show: 8P/et LIVE
on Univision Canada and TLN TV

The Biggest Night in Latin Music® is back TOMORROW, Thursday, November 18th with TLN Media Group’s EXCLUSIVE Canadian broadcast of the 22nd Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards® LIVE from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Univision Canada and TLN TV. Both channels are now on a national FREE PREVIEW in nearly 9 million homes for close to 20 million Canadian music lovers to enjoy.

2021 has been a year of adapting to change and embracing the unknown, and TLN Media Group is excited to continue uniting communities while “Rediscovering Life Through Music”, the theme of this year’s award show. As Canada’s most influential media company, we are proud to deliver The Biggest Night in Latin Music® to Canada’s 1.5M Spanish speakers* and all lovers of Latin music from coast to coast.

With one-of-a-kind collaborations and unique Latin GRAMMY® moments, the ceremony promises to be an exceptional celebration of musical excellence paired with inspirational storytelling.

This year’s star-studded lineup features five-time GRAMMY® winning artist Christina Aguilera making her triumphant return to the Latin GRAMMYs® after more than two decades with an electrifying performance that includes a rendition of her recently released “Pa Mis Muchachas,” with nominees Nicki Nicole and Nathy Peluso, together with Becky G.

The awards will be hosted by singer and model Ana Brenda Contreras, musician Carlos Rivera, and actress Roselyn Sánchez with special performances by Latin GRAMMY® winners and nominees Bad BunnyAlejandro Fernández, Maná, Myke Towers, Juanes with Rubén Albarrán and Meme Del Real.

Plus, special appearance by the evening’s most-nominated artist, Camilo. As well as eight-time Latin GRAMMY® and nine-time GRAMMY® winner Rubén Blades, the 2021 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year.

Stay connected on digital with TLN Media Group host and music expert Camila Gonzalez leading up to and during the LIVE broadcast across the Univision Canada and TLN social platforms for exclusive Canadian coverage.

Noche de Estrellas” Pre-Show – 7P/et LIVE, exclusively on Univision Canada
Latin Grammy Awards Show – 8P/et LIVE, on Univision Canada and TLN TV

For more information, visit and

Stay connected on social:   @tlntv   @tlntelevision

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TLN Media Group Partners with the Toronto Opera Company as Presenting Media Partner of Nabucco

TLN Media Group Partners with the Toronto Opera Company as
presenting media partner of Nabucco

TLN Media Group is proud to announce it will be the presenting sponsor of the Toronto City Opera’s (TCO) 2021-22 season. Leading the way in bringing live opera back to Toronto audiences, we are excited to present the TCO’s production of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Nabucco”. Don’t miss two exclusive performances —Saturday, November 13 at 3P/ET at St. Andrew’s Church in Toronto and Friday, November 19 at 7:30P/ET in Markham at the People’s Theatre for the Performing Arts.

As Canada’s most influential multicultural media company, TLN Media Group takes great pride in connecting culturally rich communities through shared experiences. We have been avid supporters of the arts for decades and proudly share TCO’s passion for providing an opera experience for everyone!

Click here for tickets.

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TLN Media Group Makes Top 25 on Playback’s 2021 Indie Report

TLN Media Group Makes Top 25 on Playback’s 2021 Indie Report


As reported in the latest Fall issue of Playback CanadaTLN Media Group executive Agatha Pezzi and a team of dozens of staff, freelancers, and collaborators have made it to the top 25 independent production companies in Canada last year!

TLN Studios produces a wide variety of ethnic Canadian original content in over half a dozen languages, for our own Canadian family of channels and platforms—for worldwide audiences.

Read the article below

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Latin American Heritage Month

TLN Media Group Celebrates Latin American Heritage Month This October
with TV Channel Free Previews, Original Documentary Presentations
and extensive community coverage across Canada

October is a significant month for Hispanic/Spanish-speaking communities worldwide and the government of Canada has deemed it Latin American Heritage Month. As Canada’s most influential multicultural media leader, TLN Media Group celebrates Latin American Heritage Month with a series of initiatives and special programming honouring the large mosaic of Latinx cultures, countries, and people – for their social, economic, and political contributions to our nation.

TLN Media Group supports and showcases Canada’s 1.5 million Spanish speaking strong communities* year-round, and has done so for nearly four decades, but we recognize the importance each October to amplify voices and shine a spotlight on the various aspects of Latino culture that enhance the cultural mosaic in Canada and provide opportunities for cross cultural appreciation and understanding.

*VIVIDATA Spring 2021 SCC All Respondents [14+] Non-official Languages Spoken Conversationally (Weighted)

NATIONAL TV CHANNEL FREE PREVIEW– TLN Media Group’s month-long festivities kick off with a nationwide FREE PREVIEW of our Spanish TV channels until the end of the year! Over 20 million Canadians in 9 million homes across the country will have the opportunity to experience the vibrant Latin culture while enjoying premium programming from the leading Spanish language TV brands in North America including:

TLN Television – Canada’s culturally connected English language specialty TV channel, TLN is a destination for putting more colour into the lives of all Canadians! Home to programs that unite cultures through shared experiences and memorable moments, delightful personalities like acclaimed celebrity chef’s Jose Andres, Pati Jinich, Rick Bayless and many more take us on scenic adventures in far off places and at home in the kitchen with a delightful lineup of lifestyle series. Add big movies every Fri-Sun starting a 9P/et, music specials and regular live international soccer (including the Nations League semi-final between Spain and Italy on October 6th at 2:30P/et and the Final on October 10th at 2:30P/et. Plus World Cup qualifier coverage through to November 15th and weekly Serie A soccer coverage every Sunday), and this is our recipe for bringing more colour into the lives of millions of Canadians.

Univision Canada — Canada’s leading Spanish-language television channel delivering the best entertainment and news programming from the Latin world complemented by Made In Canada original programming.  Highlights include hit reality shows ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ Sundays at 8P/et and ‘Desafio Super Humanos’ Mon-Fri at 3P/et, talk/entertainment/news favourites Despierta America’ Mon-Fri at 7A/et, ‘El Gordo Y La Flaca’ at 4P/et, and ‘Primer Impacto at 5P/et’, and coverage of North America’s top soccer with Liga MX coverage on Saturdays at 8P/et. Plus, don’t miss the exclusive Canadian broadcast of the Latin Grammy Awards LIVE from Las Vegas, Thursday, November 18th at 7P/et.

Cinelatino – The premium all-movie channel is your all access (NOW FREE) ticket to all the latest Spanish-language blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed films from Mexico, Latin America, Spain and the U.S.A featuring the biggest names in Hollywood and beyond. Enjoy dozens of movie premieres monthly and acclaimed series including El Desconocido (The Unknown Hitman: The Story of El Cholo Adrián) starring Guillermo Iván. Born into a life of narcotrafficking, he rises in the ranks to become the right-hand of Mexico’s El Chato.

Teleninos—Foster your children’s learning of a second language while enjoying popular TV shows including Caillou, Mona The Vampire, Little Lulu and weekend family movies, with the country’s first and only kids’ Spanish channel dedicated to heritage language preservation.

TLN MEDIA GROUP ORIGINAL DOCUMENTARY PRESENTATIONS – TLN Media Group takes great pride in its longstanding tradition of producing unique top-quality programs with the participation of a culturally diverse roster of writers, directors, and production crew. Made by multicultural Canadians, for ALL Canadians to enjoy, TLN Media Group’s extensive catalogue of original productions connects communities with the passions that make their cultures unique and makes these stories accessible for future generations.

Placing a spotlight on the unique Hispanic Canadian stories that celebrate the vibrancy of our country’s diversity, Univision Canada will broadcast special presentations of Spanish language TLN Original documentaries on Saturday, October 9th, starting at 8P/et:

Soñador: El Camino de Ismael Cala
8P/et | 60 Min 

Ismael Cala was born and raised in Cuba, today he is an internationally best-selling author, internationally know Spanish TV personality and sought-after motivational speaker, and he says he owes it all to Canada where he got his start as a Telelatino TV personality.  Discover his personal journey – an inspiration to Hispanic Canadians and testament to the power of human resilience .

Watch the trailer HERE

Inmigrante, Artista, Activista
9P/et | 60 Min

Julian is a Colombian-born Canadian, a filmmaker, and a musician. This moving documentary follows Julian through a week in his life, working at the Air Canada Centre, and volunteering his time to help others as he faces the challenges associated with living with Down syndrome. Julian’s story sheds light on people living with intellectual challenges and their success stories.

Watch the trailer HERE

Carmen: La Hija Revolucionaria 
10P/et | 60 Min

This original documentary spotlights one of Canada’s most successful Latino artists. From bestselling author to actor to activist, Carmen Aguirre is a second generation Chilean Canadian with an incredible story to tell.

Watch the trailer HERE

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – HISPANIC CANADIAN SUCCESS STORIES : TLN Media Group is happily embedded in our communities in Canada even as those communities have evolved in many different directions. We see our role as evolving with them all and that includes initiatives and stories that showcase various aspects Latino culture. As part of our month-long festivities, our original community segments will shine a spotlight on the events and success stories of Hispanics across Canada including interviews with government officials, community land business leaders, artists, and unsung heroes. The goal of our daily production effort is to inform, entertain, inspire, and unite all Canadians now more than ever and celebrate the diversity that is Canada’s strength.

TLN Media Group Hispanic/Latino Student Awards (Ryerson University)
Congratulations! Felicitaciones! to Joseph Ramirez, the recipient of the TLN Media Group Hispanic/Latino Student Awards (Ryerson University). TLN Media Group is a proud founding donor (alongside community leaders Mauricio Ospina and Victor Garcia) of the annual awards program that was launched in 2017 and has raised $100,000 in scholarships to improve access to post-secondary education, entrepreneurship, mentorship and career guidance, and provide crucial support to deserving Latino students in financial need.

For over a decade, TLN Media Group has supported Canada’s ever-growing Latin community through endowment programs with some of Canada’s top Universities demonstrating our commitment to the growth of the Hispanic community in Canada and our great pride in giving future leaders the skills and support that they need to succeed!

Click here for details on how to access the TV Channel Free Preview.

For additional information contact:
Bruna Aloe | Senior Director of Communications & Marketing | 416.744.5745 | [email protected]

About TLN Television |
TLN is the television destination for putting more colour in your life! We are home to programs that unite cultures through shared experiences and memorable moments. Delightful personalities take us on scenic adventures in far off places and at home in the kitchen. Add big movies, music specials and regular live international soccer and this is our recipe for bringing more fun, more joy and more colour into the lives of millions of Canadians. TLN is a TLN Media Group TV channel available from coast to coast.

About Univision Canada |
Univision Canada is the leading Spanish-language television channel delivering the best programming from the Hispanic world to Canada’s 1.8 million Spanish speakers. The lineup features daily news, award-winning telenovelas, talk and reality shows, live music specials and top soccer coverage. Univision Canada is a TLN Media Group owned channel and can be seen from coast to coast on all of Canada’s largest pay TV platforms. Univision Canada is a TLN Media Group TV channel available from coast to coast.

About Teleninos |
Canada’s only all Spanish-language kids’ channel, Teleniños offers a commercial free destination for children of all ages from pre-school to teen to watch their favourite shows in Spanish. Acclaimed animated and live action series, popular family movies and much more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Teleniños is a TLN Media Group channel.

About Cinelatino | 
Canada’s premium all Spanish-Language movie channel Cinelatino is your ticket to 24 hour, all Spanish-language hits and critically acclaimed movies from Mexico, Latin America, Spain, and the U.S.A. Cinelatino is owned and operated by the Hemisphere Media Group and is represented in Canada by TLN Media Group.