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Aspiring Latino-Canadian Comedian Lucas Lopez Vilet on His Rise to TikTok Fame

Latino-Canadian TikTok Content Creator, Lucas Lopez Vilet, quickly rose to fame over the past two years, amassing 2.5 million followers with quick-wit humour and Hispanic focused parodies.

TLN TV Host and Producer, Camila Gonzalez, had the opportunity to speak with Lopez over his recent transition to a full-time TikTok content creator during the COVID-19 pandemic in the latest segment of TLN Connects.

Lucas Lopez: Career Decision

Lopez decided to make TikTok his full-time career when he realized that the standard traditional route was not in his path, opting to take the route he knew he would excel in. “It was basically all or nothing”, states the young social star.

Latino-Hispanic culture is centered around strict parenting, however, Lopez shares that his mother has always been very supportive about him following his dreams.

Pushing Through Adversity

Unfortunately, the TikTok star states that he did receive some backlash from the Latino Community over his content, but voiced that his intentions are light-hearted and fun.

His content is focused on Hispanic culture norms, his time in Florida, and his father, recalling him as a “naturally very funny guy.”

Lopez hopes his TikTok career will propel him in the right direction towards stand up comedy, and eventually film to aid in the fight for Latino-Canadian representation on the big screen.

How to Watch Lucas Lopez

TLN Media Group would like to congratulate you, Lucas, and wishes you much success!

To watch Lucas Lopez Vilet’s content, visit his TikTok account and his Instagram profile.