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2020 Exclusive English Interview Victor Osimhen I The Halftime Show

2020 Exclusive Interview Victor Osimhen I The Halftime Show

TLN Halftime Show host Camila Gonzalez talks directly with Napoli star striker Victor Osimhen about adjusting to life at Napoli, the controversial result against Juventus and the protests in his home country Nigeria.  

In an exclusive English interview, Osimhen sheds light on his arrival and time at Napoli, highlighting the experience of playing under coach Gennaro Gattuso, claiming “it is an honour, he is someone I grew up watching as a kid”. When asked about his thoughts on the controversial forfeit result against Juventus, Osimhen expresses that “Napoli were ready” and it was an unfortunate incident because the team was eager to play the match.

Many in the football world have also shown support for Osimhen’s outspoken support of his home country Nigeria and his actions shedding awareness of the current sociopolitical issues plaguing the nation. When questioned on the situation in his home country Nigeria, Osimhen states “I think the people just want better lives for themselves…for their families”.

Oct 26, 2020-By: TLN Editorial staff