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A TLN TV Special Presentation: The 44th Annual CEMA Awards

A TLN TV Special Presentation: The 44th Annual CEMA Awards

Sat, Dec 3, 2022 | 5P/ET


TLN Media Group and The Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA) are thrilled to partner again for the TV premiere of the 44th Annual CEMA Awards for Journalistic Excellence, which will be broadcast nationally on TLN Television Saturday, December 3rd at 5PM/ET (TLN now on FREE Preview).

The best work of some of Canada’s multicultural journalists, accomplished through the past year, will be showcased in a special 60-minute television presentation.

Our fearless leader, TLN Media Group President, Aldo Di Felice is among those recognized by the Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA) this year with the 2022 Sierhey Khmara Ziniak Lifetime Achievement Award for unswerving dedication to multiculturalism and its affirmative expression through media.

As Canada’s most influential multicultural media company, TLN Media Group is proud to support and work alongside CEMA to help protect the rights of ethnic communicators, advocate for them to be recognized as legitimate and important media representatives, and work tirelessly promoting the importance of ethnic media in Canada.

The Canadian Ethnic Media Association Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the categories of Podcast, Radio, Online Articles, Print, Television, Video Series, Documentary, Innovation, and Community Engagement.

The Winners of the 2022 Canadian Ethnic Media Association Awards for Journalistic Excellence, by category, are as follows:


Aeron Dellosa, of Montreal, Quebec, Host/Producer for “An Immigrant’s Life”.


Franklin Rodriguez, Host/Producer for ”The Spanglish Hour“, CHIN Radio, Ottawa.


Byron Armstrong, Freelance Journalist, Ricochet Media, Toronto, for ”Police Apologies are Meaningless When They Actively Invest in Surveillance“.


Sylvia D. Hamilton, Halifax Filmmaker/Writer for the article “Think on Me”, in Canada’s History Magazine.


Ada Luk, Executive Producer of Fairchild Television, Vancouver, for “Magazine 26 – Legacy of Wing Sang Building“.


Raul Dudnic, Independent Producer, Television, for ”Disinformation in the Canadian Romanian Community“.


Adelina Suvagau, Vancouver, Producer for ”Mary Magdalene in Conversation with Lilian Broca“.


Taya Rtichsheva, of Winnipeg, Executive Director for U Multicultural, a digital media channel serving diverse communities across five provinces.


Maxine Fischbein, of Calgary, Local Initiative Reporter for Alberta Jewish News, for “Here to Tell Exhibit”.


Each year, CEMA recognizes the lifetime achievement of an outstanding individual by awarding the Sierhey Khmara Ziniak Award. This prestigious award for 2022 was presented to Aldo Di Felice, President of TLN Media Group, for unswerving dedication to Multiculturalism and its affirmative expression through media.