TLN Soccer Fanatics

Exclusive Interview With Canadian Minister of Heritage Pablo Rodríguez

TLN Media Group’s Camila Gonzalez exclusively interviews Canadian Minister of Heritage, Pablo Rodríguez, in the latest segment of TLN Soccer Fanatics.

They speak about his love for soccer, his FIFA World Cup Qualifier predictions, and his undeniable passion for his two home teams, Argentina and Canada.

Pablo Rodríguez: Career

54-year-old Rodríguez has been the Minister of Canadian Heritage on two occasions; from 18 July 2018 to 20 November 2019, and since 26 October 2021. He is fluent in three languages (Spanish, English, French) and is known for his work in supporting the fight against climate change, protecting and promoting culture, and promoting official languages and minority rights.

How to Watch

To watch the full interview conducted by Camila with Rodríguez, check out the video below, which appeared across all TLN social media accounts.