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Ecuador vs Italy | International Friendly | March 24, 2024

Italy will take on Ecuador in an International Friendly on March 24, 2024. This will be the first time in 19 years that these two nations have faced off against each other.

Kick-Off Time, Location & How to Watch

The match between Ecuador and Italy kicks off at 4:00 PM EST on Sunday 24th March in the United States at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. It is a key pre-tournament clash for both nations as they prepare for their respective upcoming competitions (EURO 2024 and the 2024 Copa America) and will be broadcasted exclusively on TLN TV (Rogers: Channels 28, 35 | Cogeco: Channels 1114, 1115 | Bell: Channels 700, 1619) and Univision Canada (Rogers: Channel 780 | Cogeco: Channels 1116, 1117 | Bell: Channels 699) in Canada.

Ecuador vs Italy: Recent History

Ecuador and Italy have played each other just twice. The first time these two sides faced off was in the Group Stage of the 2002 World Cup where Gli Azzurri defeated La Tri 2-0; the second was a 1-1 draw in a Friendly in 2005.

Italy, who were the winners over EURO 2020, dramatically qualified for EURO 2024. Defeated at home and away by Group C winners England, the Azzurri held on for a goalless draw against Ukraine when defeat would have seen them drop to third. In 2023, they held a record of 5W-2D-3L; they lost to England (2-1, 3-1) and Spain (2-1).

Ecuador, who currently holds the #32 spot in the FIFA World Rankings, made it to the Quarter-Finals of the 2021 Copa America but were knocked out of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the Group Stage following a 2-1 loss to Senegal in the last Group Stage match. In 2023, they held a record of 6W-2D-2L; they lost to Argentina (1-0) and Australia (3-1).

Players to Watch from Ecuador & Italy 



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Empoli Serie A

Nicolo Cambiaghi Interview: Empoli Debut, Azzurri Dream & More

Empoli attacker Nicolo Cambiaghi was interviewed by Serie A to speak about his debut for the club and in the league, and his Azzurri dream.

Empoli & Serie A Debut

Cambiaghi has played an important role in Empoli’s survival during his first campaign in Serie A.

“I think a Serie A debut isn’t something you should rush. Every player has their own path. Some get there sooner, while others arrive later. I think it’s important to work your way up and gain experience to improve and then be ready to play in Serie A. I scored that goal after a period in which I hadn’t played that much. The coach brought me on at half time against Cremonese. A few seconds later, I scored and it was an even better feeling because you never forget your first goal.”

Azzurri Dream

He’s earned 7 caps with the Under-21s, and now he wants his senior call-up for Italy. And the 22-year-old is in good company at Empoli – a few of his teammates are dreaming the same dream…

“I must say there are so many players born since 2000 with impressive attributes and incredible potential. Baldanzi is a brilliant player, who’s technically sound and quick. I think he’s got the lot. Fazzini is also a quality player who produces so much, runs hard and can finish. They’re players who like dribbling, having space to attack either by playing in behind or with the ball at their feet. Of course, they like finishing moves off and getting shots away. I’m two-footed and I also like playing in tight spaces with my teammates. I think Italy need great young players. And youngsters need to gain experience and play in Serie A. That’s a dream I’d like to fulfil sooner or later because I think it would feel incredible to represent my country in the senior national team. I’m working hard for that and we’ll see what happens.”

Watch the Full Interview With Nicolo Cambiaghi

Lecce Serie A

Federico Baschirotto Interview: Physique, Defensive Inspiration & More

Lecce defender Federico Baschirotto was interviewed by Serie A to speak about his upbringing, family, defensive inspirations, and the Arnold Schwarzenegger comparisons.

From the Countryside to the Big Stage

Lecce’s Federico Baschirotto is a defender with a difference. Sure, he’s been a rock at the heart of the defence… But he’s also become a cult hero. He grew up on his family’s farm north of Verona and he has the physique of a bodybuilder.

“Having loaded and unloaded pigs worked in the fields in the countryside on a tractor, it really toughens you up physically because it’s hard work. It’s not like sitting in an office on a chair and typing. You really have to use your body. It takes real commitment. I perhaps don’t have the exceptional talent of Dybala or people like him. so I have to work twice as hard to maybe reach that level. That’s why I take great care of my body and mind.”

Defensive Inspirations

Like his childhood hero Alessandro Nesta, the 26-year-old centre-back has developed perfect timing and a wily defensive technique.

“As well my physicality on the pitch, what I want is to have the same ability as Nesta to win the ball without the opponent even realising. That’s the amazing thing. While the physical side of the game might work to my advantage, given my physique and build, taking the ball off an attacker without them even realizing is even better.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Comparisons

Besides his defensive skills, Baschirotto is also an offensive threat, scoring three goals – celebrated in the style of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

“I celebrate using the Schwarzenegger pose because it was almost a bet with a friend to show off my physique. My goalscoring instinct means that I call for the ball in the area, visualise scoring, try to anticipate the ball’s arrival and make sure I’m ready when it comes. You could say it’s a force of attraction.”

Watch the Full Interview With Federico Baschirotto

Atalanta Serie A

Jeremie Boga Interview: Joining Atalanta, Dribbling Ability & More

Atalanta attacker Jeremie Boga was interviewed by Serie A to speak about his phenomenal dribbling, joining La Dea, and working with so many other top attackers.

Dribbling Phenomenon

Jeremie Boga – a true football artist with sensational performances from Marseille to Bergamo, via Sassuolo. His signature? Dribbling. 700 dribbles in 5 years, of which 400 were successful.

“Italy is a country of art, as is France, so it’s great. Both countries are capable of putting the artistic side into football.”

For me, art in football is about dribbling, technical gestures and enjoying yourself out on the pitch. It’s something I’ve always loved doing: taking players on in one on ones, enjoying it, trying nutmegs and new things. That’s something I grew up with.”

“I’d say my favourite bit of skill in Italy was my nutmeg against Torino and then the curling shot into the top corner. I really like that piece of skill and a goal came after the nutmeg, so that’s always enjoyable.”

Signing for Atalanta

Boga’s artistic touch was evident at once and from 2018 he was on the big teams’ radar. In 2022, he did make a move – becoming Atalanta’s most expensive signing.

“Why Atalanta? Because I felt the president and club director had faith in me. The coach worked hard to get me, so that really convinced me and I felt everyone at the club wanted me. That’s what made the difference.”

“I knew it was a club that had the same principles as me and likes hard work. I came here and while it took me some time to adapt, I feel happy.”

Multiple Atalanta Attacking Threats

Now he can blend his talent with Rasmus Hojlund and Ademola Lookman – a truly dangerous attacking trio.

“Playing with Lookman and Rasmus is easy because they’re players who understand the game. They like to score goals and have the ball. They make lots of runs forward.”

“I just need time to adapt to who I’m playing with. Whether that’s with Duvan, Muriel or someone else.”

Watch the Full Interview With Jeremie Boga

Roma Serie A

Edoardo Bove Interview: Roma Debut & Development, Mourinho & More

Roma midfielder Edoardo Bove was interviewed by Serie A to speak about his debut for the Giallorossi, his development as a midfielder, Jose Mourinho and his teammates.

Roma Debut & Development

Edoardo Bove is one of the many Giallorossi youngsters to whom José Mourinho has handed a Roma debut. A year later, with more match-time behind him, Bove netted his second top-flight goal.

“The goal against Verona could be defined as an accomplishment by a youngster. It was more of an instinctive gesture. That’s how I see it. I remember the feeling very well. Sometimes I think about it again and look back. I’m pleased with my development.”

“The goal against Udinese was a bit different from my first one against Verona. Maybe it was the payoff for all the hard work and the journey I’m going on. You can see the results from what we’re doing in training.”

Jose Mourinho & Teammates

Now, José Mourinho sees him as a valuable option. As for the 20-year-old, training with the first team has been an incredible learning experience.

“The boss has been so important because having a coach like him leads to you having an adult relationship with an adult, which is based on a type of sincerity that I really like. He’s helped me so much and I think the fact that he treats us youngsters like normal players straight away makes us feel that we’re part of the squad.”

“Having midfielders like Matic, Cristante, Pellegrini and Wijnaldum to learn from is so important for me. I’m able to train with them and learn certain things that you might not see in a match. You see all aspects of the game in training, which can make you improve so much.”

“My relationship with Pellegrini is very good because Lorenzo was in my position not so long ago,so he can put himself in the young players’ shoes, so he always manages to do the right thing for us, whether it’s time to tell us off or say something helpful, he’s always present.”

Watch the Full Interview With Edoardo Bove

Milan Serie A

Rade Krunic Interview: Milan Career, Scudetto, Champions League & More

Milan midfielder Rade Krunic was interviewed by Serie A to speak about his Rossoneri career to date, his unique role in the team, and playing in the Champions League.

Milan Career

In 2019, a Bosnian midfielder joined Milan after 4 seasons at Empoli. And now Rade Krunic is a fundamental part of Stefano Pioli’s tactical plans.

“All of us who’ve been working together for many years have been improving every year. For me personally, I think I’ve developed so much as a person and, above all, as a player.”

“I think we still have so much room for improvement, particularly for the players younger than me. I feel particularly proud of myself and everything I’ve achieved at AC Milan. I’ve shown everyone I’m an AC Milan player.”

Unique Role 

Finding the net isn’t what Krunic is about. The versatile 29-year-old has a rare ability that has won him quite a reputation among his teammates.

“I think that now people sometimes call me the balance-maker, I can say that I see myself in that role. I’m trying to strike the balance between attacking and defensive play, while always helping the team.”

“For example, I ensure the opposition can’t break easily if we go forward in numbers, but I stay back. If I see we aren’t getting forward or just a few players are, I can push up.”

“I always try to understand where my teammates are and what the team needs, of course. There are others who score and get assists. They take care of that for me.”

Champions League Success

After winning the League title in 2022, this season the Rossoneri are shining brightly in the Champions League.

“It’s something new for so many of us. It was special even to play in the round of 16 for me, then the quarters and now we have the semi-finals. It’s something new and maybe it will also be very stressful, but we train hard every day to play in these games and I don’t think there’s anything better.”

“The aim since the start of the season has always been the Scudetto. We always aim high. There were games we should’ve won, but we didn’t do so, so I think Champions League qualification is now our target as a team because AC Milan have to be in the Champions League and we have to achieve our goal.”

Watch the Full Interview With Rade Krunic

Bologna Serie A

Stefan Posch Interview: Bologna Transfer, Goalscoring Ability & More

Bologna defender Stefan Posch was interviewed by Serie A to speak about his terrific start with the Rossoblu in Italy, the main reason for his ability to quickly adjust after transferring from the Bundesliga, and the effect Manager Thiago Motta has had on him.

Goalscoring Defender

Last summer Bologna were looking for a striker and a defender; they found an all-in-one performer – Austrian Posch. He’s struck five match-winning goals this season.

“It took me a very long time to score my first goal but I think that when it happened it unlocked something in me and afterwards it came more naturally to me. Since then I’ve been a lot more successful. This year I’ve had a very good relationship with goals. I think the last one against Udinese was my favourite goal, a long shot and again it really boosted my confidence. That was my favourite goal and I hope it won’t be my last.”

Using Language to His Advantage

From the Bundesliga to Serie A – a complete contrast… except for the language! Besides his fellow countryman Marko Arnautovic, two other regular starters grew up in Germany.

“Obviously it was a big help for me to have a few people who speak German here and it still helps a lot because it’s a lot easier to communicate with people in German rather than only in Italian. On the pitch, it’s easy when, for example, I’m next to Soriano, Sansone or Marko and I can speak freely if we want to try something because nobody can understand us.”

Thiago Motta & Change In Position

Since his arrival, Posch has experienced the rossoblu’s revolution: a new coach, a new playing system and he’s taken on a new position: from centre back to right back.

“The first match where I played on the right was against Napoli. The week before he asked me if I’d ever played right-back and how I felt about it. That was the start of my right-back… the start of my new position. Then week by week I kept working on that position and in training he always gave me advice and helped me a lot.”

Watch the Full Interview With Stefan Posch

Fiorentina Serie A

Arthur Cabral Interview: Goalscoring Ability, Fiorentina Aspirations & More

Fiorentina attacker Arthur Cabral was interviewed by Serie A to speak about his recent success in front of goal, the club’s positive form, and his aspirations and nickname.

Goalscoring Ability

Fiorentina striker Cabral has taken 2023 by storm – scoring 11 goals in all competitions and leading his side to the final of the Coppa Italia and the semi-finals of the Conference League.

“Goals for me are a moment of happiness, pleasure and enjoyment. It’s the moment when my hard work pays off. I believe if there’s one thing I know how to do in life, it’s scoring goals, so it shows I’m good at that and my hard work is paying off. I think my good form has coincided with the team’s positive run. Our performances are improving and we’re scoring more goals. We’re winning more games and playing better. I’ve improved along with the team as a whole. Behind all of this, there’s been a period of adaptation and growth and the results have needed time to bear fruit. I’ve nearly been at Fiorentina for a year. I’ve always said that my daily focus is to keep on improving I think that’s exactly what’s happening and I hope that I keep on developing for the benefit of the team.”

Leaving His Mark In Viola History

The 25-year-old Brazilian follows in the footsteps of three illustrious fellow-countrymen who left their mark in different eras of the Viola’s history: Socrates, Carlos Dunga and Edmundo.

“I want to put my name up there with them and be remembered as one of Fiorentina’s Brazilian legends. It would be even better if I were to win a trophy with the club so that the fans can remember me not only as a great player but one who brought a trophy home to the city of Florence.”

A Memorable Nickname

The nickname King Arthur has followed Cabral from his early playing days in Brazil to Serie A: Fiorentina fans hope he’ll help in the quest for their Holy Grail – a long-awaited return to glory.

“As you mentioned, that nickname came from my time at Ceara when I was still really young, I was only 19. It’s an affectionate nickname, born out of love and admiration. I’m delighted and flattered to have such a nickname. Having people here at the club as well as the fans call me King Arthur is a real privilege. It motivates me to bring more joy to the supporters.”

Watch the Full Interview With Arthur Cabral