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Raising Awareness for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada | TLN Connects

Raising Awareness for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada | TLN Connects

TLN Media Group salutes Italian Canadian Matthew Sebastiani as the recipient of the Crohn’s and Colitis Canada ”National Unsung Hero”  award.  Current Vancouver Chapter President,  Sebastiani is a key pillar in generating awareness and raising funds for the organization.

Sebastiani was diagnosed in 2011, with minimal knowledge of the condition and the impact it would have on his life. In efforts to support the organization, raise funds and yield public awareness, he completed his first “Gutsy” walk in 2016, later joining the Vancouver chapter and becoming an ambassador for the annual walk which takes place across Canada the first Sunday in June.

Canada continues to have among the highest prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in the world with 300,000 Canadians living with IBD, and researchers expecting this number to rise to 400,000 by 2030.

Sebastiani currently facilitates support groups and aids in volunteer retention for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, in addition to working with public officials on the “Go Here” App, geared toward finding accessible public washrooms for those living with the invisible condition.

TLN Media Group congratulates Matthew Sebastiani as the “National Unsung Hero“, for raising awareness and funds for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada.

For more info, visit, https://crohnsandcolitis.ca/