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TLN Media Group and Canadian Civil Liberties Association Unite to Engage Multicultural Communities


TLN Media Group and Canadian Civil Liberties Association 

Unite to Engage Multicultural Communities

New PSA Kicks Off 2020 Awareness Campaign



(Toronto, Ontario – January 29, 2020) TLN Media Group (TMG) and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) have announced a working relationship to ensure multicultural Canadians receive information and education about their rights and freedoms.

As a first step in their collaboration, CCLA and TLN Media Group have produced a public service announcement which will be broadcast and circulated on TLN Media Group platforms and with participating partners. Click to view the PSA.

The Association is a non-profit, non-partisan, independent organization recognized by Canadian courts as a credible, renowned authority on civil liberties. The organization’s mandate includes educating Canadians on their rights.

As Canada’s most influential multicultural media company, TMG will raise awareness and expand support for the CCLA. According to the most recent census data, one in five Canadians speak an immigrant language at home.*

“We are seasoned storytellers and connectors for Canada’s multicultural communities,” said Aldo Di Felice, President of TLN Media Group. “This alliance uses the reach and influence of our platforms and activities to educate and inform millions of Canadians in various languages about Canada’s civil liberties, human rights, and democratic freedoms that are CCLA’s focus.”

“Rights and freedoms — like privacy, equality, free speech, freedom of religion, presumption of innocence, indigenous rights and due process — is our expertise,” added Michael Bryant, Executive Director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.  “We fight to entrench those rights for all Canadians, regardless of language or ethnicity. However, Canada’s geographic and multicultural diversity limits our reach, just as our ability to teach and advocate in the languages of all Canadians is limited to our teachers’ language capacity.  This partnership with TLN Media Group will help CCLA to expand our reach, impact and ability to deliver our curriculum, advocacy and campaigns to as many languages as possible.  We look forward to working with one of Canada’s most experienced and respected ethnic broadcasting companies.”

For additional information contact:
Bruna Aloe | Senior Director of Communications & Marketing | TLN Media Group | 416.744.5745 | [email protected]

Maria Rio | Senior Manager of Communications | Canadian Civil Liberties Association | 416.646.1404 | [email protected]


*Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 98-316-X2016001. Ottawa. Released November 29, 2017.






About TLN Media Group
TLN Media Group (TMG) is Canada’s most influential multicultural media company, connecting cultures on television, online and in communities through storytelling and shared experiences and reaching millions of Canadians across the country. A leader in supporting and developing Canadian multiculturalism, TMG produces, commissions and distributes many unique and culturally significant TV and digital programs each year on various platforms in Canada and worldwide. As a broadcaster since 1984, TMG’s flagship channel TLN TV has evolved into an English language multiculturally rich TV channel. TMG operates Canada’s most widely distributed foreign language TV channels led by Spanish language Univision Canada and in Italian Mediaset Italia Canada. Additional Italian channels include Telebimbi for kids and TGCOM24 news network. The family of Spanish channels also includes Teleniños children’s channel and a group of 4 specialized foreign services; Cinelatino, Wapa TV, Television Dominicana and CentroAmerica TV. TMG also operates EuroWorld Sport TV. TMG is active in producing and promoting experiential events and festivals. | www.tlnmediagroup.com


About Canadian Civil Liberties Association
For over 50 years, CCLA has been Canada’s national civil liberties organization. Founded in 1964, CCLA is an independent, national, nongovernmental organization, working in the courts, before legislative committees, in the classrooms, and in the streets, protecting the rights and freedoms cherished by Canadians and entrenched in our Constitution. CCLA fights for the civil liberties, human rights, and democratic freedoms of all people across Canada. Working with dedicated pro-bono lawyers from across the country, CCLA has intervened in courts at all levels, been vocal in the press and broadcast media, and advocated strategically and effectively to protect the rights and freedoms of all persons in Canada.  CCLA has been at the forefront of all of the cutting edge civil liberties debates. CCLA has been a leader in protecting rights and has earned widespread respect for its principled stand on such issues as national security, censorship, capital punishment, and police and state accountability.