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TLN Media Group Celebrates Hispanic Heritage with Original Canadian Productions


TLN Media Group Celebrates Hispanic Heritage with Original Canadian Productions

Univision Canada Airs Spanish-Language Made in Canada Productions
Every Saturday this October and November



(Toronto, ON – October 4, 2019) TLN Media Group, Canada’s most influential media company and home of Spanish-language channel, Univision Canada announces a specially-curated series of exclusive TV events this October and November to celebrate Hispanic Heritage. Featuring the network’s Made In Canada original heritage specials, these features will air every Saturday at 6pm/et starting October 5th – November 30th.

Univision Canada is now on Free Preview across Canada on all major carriers until the end of 2019.

TLN Media Group’s original productions are a testament to the network’s ongoing commitment to original Canadian, culturally significant programming. As the #1 Spanish-language channel in Canada, Univision Canada proudly celebrates Hispanic Heritage with a lineup featuring:

The First Hispanics – October 5 (Note: 8pm): Explore the first Hispanic settlements in Canada, primarily, British Columbia and examine the impact of the Spanish culture in the local region. As early as 1789, Spanish adventurers travelled up from the Caribbean to the Pacific North shores of Canada visiting the islands and peninsulas and claiming them for Spain.

Dreamer: The Way Of Ismael Cala – October 12: Discover the personal story of Ismael Cala. Born and raised in Cuba, Ismael’s real big break came when he arrived in Canada. Today, he is quickly becoming the most successful Hispanic TV personality in the U.S. And, he says he owes it all to Canada.

180 Degrees North – October 19: Enrique spends time in Mexico and Canada, where he explores the long process of self-discovery, the social attitudes he faced as a gay man, and his relationship with his mother, which still looms over Enrique’s understanding of his place in the world.

Just Another Morning – October 26: After a man decides to end his life and the distractions detaining his demise, those closest to him realize they all share many of the difficulties of being a Latino immigrant in Canada and each work to create a life of their own.

The Persecuted – November 2: Hispanic Canadians who escaped in the 1970’s and 80’s from Central America and Chile recount their harrowing accounts of persecution, as their homeland faced political and social turmoil, forcing their escape and refuge to Canada.

Not All Gold Glitters – November 9: This investigative documentary provides an insightful look at Canadian mining practices in Colombia. Do Canada’s actions help or hinder an already controversial industry around the world?

Salseros: Living the Lifestyle – November 16: “Salsomanos” live by music and dance, as Salsa is in their blood. It is a way to rebel against the norm through music and dancing. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of Salseros, Canadians who have made Salsa part of their daily lives.

Maya en Regina: An Unusual Connection – November 23: From Saskatchewan to Guatemala, discover the connection between the indigenous beliefs of many Latin American immigrants and the Canadian First Nations.

Como Pez en el Hielo – November 30: This compelling documentary follows 6 families that have migrated from Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, El Salvador, and Colombia) to some of the most remote and coldest areas in Canada. Learn how they adapt to Canada while keeping a small piece of home close to them.

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About TLN Media Group
TLN Media Group is Canada’s most influential multicultural media company, connecting cultures on television, online and in communities through storytelling and shared experiences. In addition to TLN, its flagship English-language channel, the company also offers Canada’s most widely distributed foreign language television channels led by #1 Spanish language channel Univision Canada and #1 Italian language channel Mediaset Italia. Additional Italian channels include TeleBimbi and TGCOM24. The family of Spanish channels is made up of TeleNiños and a group of four leading foreign services: Cinelatino, Wapa TV, Television Dominicana and CentroAmerica TV. TLN also operates English-language specialty channel EuroWorld Sport. A leader in supporting and developing Canadian multiculturalism. TLN Media Group produces and commissions hundreds of unique and culturally significant Canadian-made programs each year.

About Univision Canada
Univision Canada is the leading Spanish-language television channel delivering the best programming from the Hispanic world to Canada’s 1.8 million Spanish speakers. The lineup features daily news, award-winning telenovelas, talk and reality shows, live music specials and top soccer coverage.   Univision Canada is a TLN Media Group owned channel and can be seen from coast to coast in close to 2 million homes on all of Canada’s largest pay TV platforms.