David Rocco's Dolce India

Chocolate Blood Pudding

By David Rocco’s Dolce India 


– 1 lb bittersweet chocolate
– ½ cup sugar
– 2 tbsp all purpose flour
– 1 cup milk
– 1/4 tsp freshly grated cinnamon
– 1/4 tsp orange zest
– Pinch of salt
– ¼ cup toasted chopped almonds


Melt down bittersweet chocolate using a double boiler or bain marie. Then you add a little bit of sugar. Mix that in. Some flour. You’ll start seeing that it all balls up. It gets gummy like a dough. You’re going to add some milk and that’s going to break it all down. Keep adding a little more milk and under the heat it’s going to thicken up and turn into a silky pudding texture. Then you add some freshly grated cinnamon and some orange zest. And then a little bit of salt. Salt and chocolate is a wicked combination. Let it cool down and you’ll get a lush, silky smooth pudding-like texture. Then I top it with some toasted almonds and that’s it, it’s done!

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