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Vegetarian Carbonara

By David Rocco’s Dolce India 


– 1 lb. (450 g) spaghetti
– 1 cup (250mL) olive oil, for frying
– 3 tbsp. olive oil
– 2 cloves garlic, whole, crushed
– 3 or 4 small zucchini, thinly sliced
– 2 tbsp. capers
– ¼ cup mint, chopped
– ¼ cup coriander or flat leaf parsley, chopped
– 4 eggs
– 1 cup (225 ml) milk
– 1/2 cup (110 ml) freshly grated parmigiano cheese
– Salt, QB
– Pepper, QB


Heat up olive oil over medium heat. Once the oil is hot, add in the zucchini and fry until golden and beautifully crisp, turning occasionally to ensure uniform cooking. Start cooking the spaghetti. Timing is important because you want the pasta to be hot so that it cooks the eggs.

In a bowl, whisk together your eggs, with the milk, parmigiano cheese, salt and lots of pepper and whisk to combine.

In a pan, heat up 3 tbsp. of olive oil. Once the oil is hot, add the whole garlic to flavor the oil and remove. Then add the capers, mint, and coriander.

When the pasta is ready drain it well and put it in the pan with the capers, but not on the heat. Working quickly, throw in the zucchini and the egg white mixture and stir to make sure everything is coated. Serves 4.

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