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Canadian Multiculturalism Day: Exploring Canada’s Diversity Through Food

Join TLN Media Group in celebrating Canadian Multiculturalism Day on Monday, June 27, 2022.

As Canada’s most influential multicultural media company, TLN Media Group takes great pride in its lineup of multicultural content and its culturally diverse team. Our goal is to inspire and unite all Canadians and celebrate the beautiful and diverse mosaic of our country.

Ahead of the Canadian Multiculturalism Day, TLN TV’s Camila Gonzalez was able to provide us with a memorable moment where the culinary world and the House of Commons met. Member of Provincial Parliament Stan Cho shared his take on two popular rice dishes from the Willowdale neighbourhood; the first being Nurungi (Korean) and the second being Tahdig (Persian). Although the preparation for each may be slightly different, the outcome is similarly delicious – food will always be a connector that unites countries and cultures.