Juventus Serie A

Fabio Cannavaro Discusses Juventus Career, Allegri & Pioli

Former defender Fabio Cannavaro sat down with Serie A ahead of Matchday 9 to speak about his playing career and current Juventus and Milan Managers Massimiliano Allegri and Stefano Pioli.

The Cannavaro Legacy

Being a football legend is something you notice when there are big events because that’s when everyone calls you! Joking aside, it’s nice because it means what I achieved as a player is recognised as worthy of a legend…”

Juventus Career

I had three big years at the club and it was there that I understood the difference between playing for the sake of playing and playing to win. When you step inside that dressing room, you realise that winning is all that matters…”

Massimiliano Allegri & Stefano Pioli

“Pioli and Allegri both worked their way up to the top. They’re both winners, as Pioli demonstrated last season. Allegri is finding it a bit harder to rebuild a winning team…”