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Ontario Business Achievement Awards 2022

Ontario Chamber of Commerce's Ontario Business Achievement Awards

The Ontario Business Achievement Awards (OBAA) broadcast is the most distinguished industry celebration in the province recognizing business success and those who support it. The 40th-anniversary edition in 2022 featured community leaders and organizations working toward an inclusive economy; episodes included:

  • CEO of the Year Award: given to a CEO that has demonstrated exceptional leadership over the past 12 months, bringing their organization to a new level of growth and success within their industry.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: given to a leader who demonstrates outstanding leadership throughout their career and has made a significant and positive impact on the province and beyond.
  • Harnessing Talent episode: explores the challenges Ontario’s equity-deserving groups face in obtaining employment and the irrefutable value they offer to organizations.
  • Climate Action episode: celebrates the power of inclusion by highlighting innovative approaches created and applied by Ontario’s diverse workforce to support climate action and economic recovery.
  • Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities episode: focuses on the importance of inclusive hiring to workforce development and future economic prosperity.
  • Workplace Technology episode: acknowledges the power of technology and the importance of digital literacy in advancing Ontario’s workplaces and economy.

Watch the OBAA Broadcast Here