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TLN Media Group Launches Financial Elder Abuse Prevention Campaign

TLN Media Group Launches Financial Elder Abuse Prevention Campaign

National Multilingual Public Service Announcements
to run across the networks’ TV channels and Digital Platforms

June is seniors’ month in Ontario and now more than ever, members of our elderly community are in need of support. TLN Media Group’s commitment to seniors is at the core of its community building and today the network announced the launch of its annual month-long multilingual Elder Abuse Prevention Public Service Announcement campaign running across all its platforms.

TLN Media Group has produced 30-second PSA messages in English, Spanish, and Italian languages, with the national campaign broadcasting on TLN Television, Univision Canada, and Mediaset Italia TV channels with corresponding online content on respective digital platforms.

The year’s focus is on raising awareness and helping with the prevention of financial abuse toward senior citizens. Financial abuse is the most common form of elder abuse in Canada, where 1 in 5 seniors experience being taken advantage of in theft, and fraud, among others Abusers can be people who are close to their victims such as a family member, or they may be professional criminals who target the elderly via phone or the internet. Whether misusing or stealing a senior’s assets or forcing them to sign legal documents they do not understand, it is important to recognize that the abuse is not acceptable.

TLN Media Group is dedicated to the well-being of seniors across Canada and our goal is to provide awareness of financial abuse targeting seniors in an effort against fraud and financial exploitation and to ensure that we are looking after some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. Seniors need to be equipped with the information to protect themselves, make informed decisions on whom to trust, and be aware of available assistance programs.

As a multicultural media leader in our Canadian ethnic communities for nearly 4 decades, TLN Media Group understands it is especially important to address these more vulnerable groups on these important issues in their first language of choice.

Join TLN Media Group in helping to protect our seniors- if this is happening to you or someone close to you, ask for help from your bank or another family member.

Break the silence. Stop the Abuse.