TLN Media Group Annual Elder Abuse Prevention Campaign

TLN Media Group Launches Annual Elder Abuse Prevention Campaign

National Multilingual Public Service Announcements on TV and Digital

Now more than ever, seniors are in need of our support. TLN Media Group (TMG) announces the launch of its annual month-long Elder Abuse Prevention Public Service Announcement. This multilingual and national campaign will run across the media company’s TV networks and online with three 30-second PSAs in English, Spanish and Italian.

We are dedicated to the well being of seniors across Canada and continue to serve the senior community with accessible multilingual programming and community segment coverage. One in five Canadians knows a senior who might be experiencing some form of abuse, according to Employment and Social Development Canada. Seniors from all walks of life are vulnerable to elder abuse and it is happening throughout Canada. Most cases are unreported due to fear, social stigma and the desire to protect the family member who is harming the senior.

It is imperative everyone, including seniors, have access to helpful information to make informed decisions. We recognize it is especially critical to reach out to immigrant Canadians in non-official languages with important societal messages like this. TMG has been a media leader and member of ethnic communities for over 35 years and we will continue to be a force for good in the future.

Join us in helping to protect our seniors. If you or someone you know is experiencing some form of abuse, report it by calling your local law enforcement or agency. Join us in breaking the silence and stopping the abuse.

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