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The Awaited Return of TLN Soccer Fanatics

Nearly two decades ago, TLN’s Italian Soccer Fanatics was born, featuring supporters who were affected emotionally and psychologically by the outcome of a fixture.

The weekly national TV show reviewed Italian soccer games from a fan’s perspective in the early 2000’s and was one of TLN’s most memorable segments, with passion and friendly hostility characterizing the mood of every show.

Reboot of TLN Soccer Fanatics

We are excited to announce a reboot of TLN Soccer Fanatics with a fresh rebrand and the same passion that drove engagement on the original show.

Hosted by TLN Media Group’s Camila Gonzalez and Antonio Giorgi of Intermezzo con Antonio, these micro-segments will feature a rotating panel of guests, super fans and player interviews, with the focus of connecting the calcio community and allowing supporters to express their opinions.

Where to Watch

These segments will be available to watch via television and across TLN’s LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.