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The Quiet Immigrant Project

TLN Media Group is proud to be a media partner of The Quiet Immigrant Project, a two-month-long exhibit running through to June 26th and currently on display at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery in Toronto’s Columbus Centre.

This exhibit celebrates matriarchs with its moving homage to the brave Italian women who immigrated to Canada after World War II. Between 1928 and 1960, over 139,000 thousand brave women left behind everything – family, friends, familiarity, and much more – in the pursuit for a better future. Through sheer strength of character and with neither fanfare or complaint, these unsung heroes wove their way into the fabric of society; their stories of strength, courage, determination, and sacrifice are sure to move, amuse, and captivate in this multifaceted, multimedia, and multilayered legacy piece.

In the video below, TLN TV Host and Producer Francesca Soia takes us through exhibit and the powerful legacy left by these brave Italian women. For more information on The Quiet Immigrant Project, click here.