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This Month on TLN TV | September Highlights


Embark on TLN Television's fall season cultural journey, featuring captivating personalities, scenic adventures, blockbuster movies, music specials, and soccer coverage that unites diverse Canadians. With world-renowned hosts as your guides, explore far-off places, witness breathtaking destinations, and gain a deeper understanding of the world's diversity from the comfort of your home..

David Rocco Dolce Homemade 

Saturdays at 8:00P

 “Dolce Homemade,” showcases David celebrating multicultural Canada by connecting with friends and family through candid conversations and inspiring recipes. Featuring guests from around the world who share David’s passion for both food and life, the new series brings his adventurous spirit home.

Alex Polizzi: My Hotel Nightmare

Tuesdays at 8:30P

Alex Polizzi, a hotel expert from the Forte dynasty, and her mother, Olga, teamed up for a 6-month project renovating a medieval inn. It turned into 18 months of challenges, including rising costs, construction issues, and a pandemic, risking everything.

Searching With Chef Sang

Sundays at 8:00P 

Searching with Chef Sang is a documentary series that follows celebrated chef and writer Sang Kim on a culinary road trip across his home province. Sang’s guests paint a portrait of a diverse, vibrant culture that is alive in even the most unlikely small towns in Canada. One part travelogue, one part culinary series.

Cook Like An Italian With Silvia Colloca Sundays at 7P

Silvia Colloca, a passionate food writer and home-cook, offers an authentic Italian cooking experience, guiding you through everyday recipes with enthusiasm and flair, even if you lack an Italian Nonna.

Serie A this September!

The next season looks exciting, with Napoli trying to keep their title, while Milan, Juventus, Inter, Lazio, Roma, Atalanta, and Fiorentina all want to win it too. Get ready for an intense championship battle!

WEEK 5 | SEPT 24

Empoli v. Inter - 6:25A

Udinese v. Fiorentina - 8:55A

Bologna v. Napoli - 11:55A

Empoli v. Inter - 2:30P (encore)

WEEK 6 | SEPT 26

Juventus v. Lecce - 2:30P


Verona v. Atalanta - 12:25P

Napoli v. Udinese - 2:30P

TLN Media Group Celebrates Latin American Heritage Month This October with Original Documentary Presentations and Theatrical Premiere screenings, community partnerships and event coverage across Canada!

October is a significant month for Hispanic/Spanish-speaking communities worldwide, and the government of Canada has designated it as Latin American Heritage Month. As Canada's most influential multicultural media leader, TLN Media Group celebrates Latin American Heritage Month with a series of initiatives, special programming, and theatrical premiere screenings of original documentaries at Toronto's Latin American Film Festival (LATAFF). This celebration honors the rich tapestry of Latinx cultures, countries, and people for their significant social, economic, and political contributions to our nation.

TLN Media Group supports and showcases Canada's over 1.5 million Spanish-speaking communities year-round, a commitment we've upheld for nearly four decades. However, we acknowledge the significance of October in amplifying voices and shining a spotlight on the diverse aspects of Latino culture. This celebration enriches Canada's cultural mosaic, fostering opportunities for cross-cultural appreciation and understanding. The month-long parade of celebratory events features the 15th annual TLN Top 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians Award Ceremony.