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TLN Media Group: Elder Abuse Prevention – Public Service Announcement Campaign

Canada’s leading influential multicultural media broadcaster TLN Media Group is proud to announce its annual Elder Abuse Prevention – Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign in recognition of Seniors’ Month in Ontario. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the need to support and protect the elderly members of the multicultural Canadian community.

TLN Media Group has developed a trilingual, nationwide campaign consisting of three 30-second PSA messages in English, Spanish, and Italian. These impactful messages will be aired on TLN TV, Univision Canada, and Mediaset Italia Canada, and will be featured on the network’s digital platforms.

The Elder Abuse Prevention PSA campaign will feature a series of impactful messages and informative content, addressing all forms of elder abuse. TLN Media Group will utilize its diverse network of television channels, digital platforms, and community outreach initiatives to reach a wide audience and foster a culture of respect and protection for the elderly. TLN Media Group remains dedicated to meeting the needs of the senior community through its inclusive multilingual programming and comprehensive coverage of community segments.

With a rich legacy of nearly 4 decades as a multicultural media leader and an advocate of ethnic communities, TLN Media Group understands the vital importance of connecting with immigrant Canadians in languages other than the official ones, to effectively communicate significant societal messages like that of the PSA.

Elder abuse knows no boundaries and affects seniors from diverse backgrounds across the nation. A significant number of cases go unreported due to apprehension, societal stigma, and the instinctive desire to shield the family member responsible for causing harm to the elderly individual.

TLN Media Group encourages individuals, organizations, and community leaders to actively participate in the campaign by sharing the PSAs, engaging in conversations about elder abuse prevention, and advocating for the well-being of the elderly. Together, we can create a society that values and protects its seniors.

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