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TLN Media Group Urges Communities to Stay Strong and Stay Tuned

TLN Media Group Urges Communities to Stay Strong and Stay Tuned

(TORONTO, ON) June 8, 2020 – Since the beginning of the nationwide quarantine, TLN Media Group (TMG) has taken many steps to inform, entertain and support Canadians.

As Canada’s most influential multicultural media company, TMG has broadcast curated TV specials and produced daily COVID-19 community reports, providing viewers with updates and inspiring community stories with political representatives, business leaders, celebrities and exceptional individuals. These segments are broadcast across TMG’s three main TV channels in English, Italian and Spanish, all of which are currently on a nationwide Free Preview, as well as on channel websites and social media. TMG also launched an out-of-home billboard campaign at key intersections across Ontario, with a simple and encouraging message: `Stay Strong`.

More recently, TMG announced its online Open For Business client initiative, helping to keep Canadian businesses working during the pandemic. Supporting businesses that support Canadian communities, TLN provides partners and businesses across Canada with free online exposure in the network`s digital listing on tln.ca, complemented by exposure of the initiative across the network`s national TV channels (TLN TV, Univision Canada and Mediaset Italia Canada).

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