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Arthur Cabral Interview: Goalscoring Ability, Fiorentina Aspirations & More

Fiorentina attacker Arthur Cabral was interviewed by Serie A to speak about his recent success in front of goal, the club’s positive form, and his aspirations and nickname.

Goalscoring Ability

Fiorentina striker Cabral has taken 2023 by storm – scoring 11 goals in all competitions and leading his side to the final of the Coppa Italia and the semi-finals of the Conference League.

“Goals for me are a moment of happiness, pleasure and enjoyment. It’s the moment when my hard work pays off. I believe if there’s one thing I know how to do in life, it’s scoring goals, so it shows I’m good at that and my hard work is paying off. I think my good form has coincided with the team’s positive run. Our performances are improving and we’re scoring more goals. We’re winning more games and playing better. I’ve improved along with the team as a whole. Behind all of this, there’s been a period of adaptation and growth and the results have needed time to bear fruit. I’ve nearly been at Fiorentina for a year. I’ve always said that my daily focus is to keep on improving I think that’s exactly what’s happening and I hope that I keep on developing for the benefit of the team.”

Leaving His Mark In Viola History

The 25-year-old Brazilian follows in the footsteps of three illustrious fellow-countrymen who left their mark in different eras of the Viola’s history: Socrates, Carlos Dunga and Edmundo.

“I want to put my name up there with them and be remembered as one of Fiorentina’s Brazilian legends. It would be even better if I were to win a trophy with the club so that the fans can remember me not only as a great player but one who brought a trophy home to the city of Florence.”

A Memorable Nickname

The nickname King Arthur has followed Cabral from his early playing days in Brazil to Serie A: Fiorentina fans hope he’ll help in the quest for their Holy Grail – a long-awaited return to glory.

“As you mentioned, that nickname came from my time at Ceara when I was still really young, I was only 19. It’s an affectionate nickname, born out of love and admiration. I’m delighted and flattered to have such a nickname. Having people here at the club as well as the fans call me King Arthur is a real privilege. It motivates me to bring more joy to the supporters.”

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