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Community Shareholder Group Completes Buyback of Corus Entertainment Interest in Telelatino Network

(Toronto, Ontario – March 25, 2019) — Three longstanding community shareholder families, together with the President of Telelatino Network Inc. (TLN), have completed the buyback of the 50.5% interest in TLN originally acquired by Corus Entertainment Inc. over 17 years ago. Going forward, the company will officially be known as TLN Media Group.

According to TLN President Aldo Di Felice, “With this consolidation we have created ownership certainty and security. The organization now sits on a solid and established footing and can focus on the future development of ethnic media in Canada. The Di Battista, Rosati and Joseph Vitale families are well known for their business success, community involvement and charitable efforts. They were early investors in TLN and have remained committed supporters for 3 decades. I am pleased to partner with them and continue to develop TLN Media Group into an even more influential Canadian independent multicultural media organization. We are proud to be serving ethno-culturally diverse communities and Canadians at large. Bridging cultures and communities has always been our strength. Now more than ever we intend to play a growing role in the development of Canada’s multicultural society.”

For additional information contact:
Bruna Aloe | Senior Director of Communications & Marketing | 416.744.5745 | [email protected]

About TLN Media Group:
As Canada’s most influential multicultural media company, TLN Media Group operates 7 fully owned specialty TV services in the English, Italian and Spanish languages, seen in millions of Canadian homes. TLN TV was launched in 1984 as “Telelatino”, an Italian and Spanish general interest channel. TLN TV can now be seen in nearly 6 million Canadian homes from coast to coast and has evolved an English language stream of colourful culturally connected programming including top lifestyle, music, sports and entertainment from Canada and around the world. The company also owns and operates Mediaset Italia (Canada) and Univision Canada, the local versions of the world’s leading Italian and Hispanic TV media brands. The company also conceived and launched TeleÑinos and TeleBimbi, in Spanish and Italian respectively, the country’s first children’s TV channels dedicated to heritage language preservation. TLN Media Group is also actively involved in producing, promoting and distributing original TV and digital media productions and live events.