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This Month on TLN TV | Easter Specials 2023

Celebrate Easter with music, food, and spectacular hosts, TLN TV has an Easter lineup filled with lifestyle shows, Holy Soccer Saturdays, and heartwarming concert and movie specials.

Internationally renowned chef, Yotam Ottolenghi, returns to his hometown of Jerusalem to discover the hidden treasures of its extraordinarily rich and diverse food culture.  

David joins the locals in the volcanic island of Ischia, in the gulf of Naples for the celebration of the Spring Equinox, where for the entire long weekend, they cook, eat and celebrate! 

Catherine prepares traditional easter dishes including a leg of lamb and shortbread Easter biscuits in the shapes of Easter bunnies and eggs.  

Considered one of the holiest places in the world, David takes in all the rituals and traditions of Lalibela, a small remote town in Ethiopia, where A big part of Easter for the orthodox is 'breaking of the fast' after Lent, and preparing for the traditional feast. 

Anna Del Conte is The Cook Who Changed Our Lives. This film reveals how a Milanese cook changed our attitude to Italian food at a time when we could only buy olive oil in specialist shops or the chemist. The film provides a jumping-off point to explore our changing culinary landscape and colourful food history: from tinned ravioli in the 70s to the more ‘sophisticated’ fare we enjoy today.

Serie A matches move to Saturday this weekend only! Don’t miss the soccer lineup with Sampdoria vs Cremonese at 10:25A, Atalanta vs Bologna at 12:25P, and Lazio vs Juventus at 2:30P.  

Piazza del Duomo on May 21, 2022, celebrated the return to normalcy, as Milan reemerged from the darkness of COVID with Italy’s largest free live music event, hosted by comedic duo Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu. 

Silvia receives a lesson in an Italian peasant tradition – Vincisgrassi, lamb chops with asparagus, and with her mum’s help she revives a long-lost recipe.