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This Month on TLN TV | November Highlights

TLN Media Group is offering a free preview of 7 of our multicultural TV channels until the end of December 2022!

Working with participating carrier partners, our 7 TV channels in English, Spanish, and Italian can now be seen by 20 million Canadians in nearly

8 million homes during this special Freeview event.

SOCCERMANIA on TLN TV - An Entire Month of Soccer Specials!

Be part of Soccermania on TLN TV with an entire month and over 180 hours

of special World Cup soccer programming including: 10 part docuseries Moment of Truth, films, concerts and documentaries on some of the biggest names in the history of the Beautiful Game including Pele, Rossi, Maradona and Totti.

TLN Original Documentary

Documentary Series | Episodes: 10

Doc Film (English Subtitles)

Documentary (English Subtitles)

Documentary (English Subtitles)

Doc Film (English Subtitles)


Documentary (English Subtitles)

Film (English Subtitles) 

Documentary/Music Special 

Doc Film


..Tue Nov 8 | 8P..

San Pietro Infine

San Pietro Infine is a small town in the Province of Caserta which endured bitter fighting in December 1943. Untouched for 75 years, the gates to

a forgotten city will be opened and

the last living Italian-Canadian survivors

will recount the significant battle of

San Pietro Infine.

..Wed Nov 9 | 8P..

Montecassino: The Indestructible Abbey

This documentary seeks to tell the story of the historic Battle of Monte Cassino, one of the most important military operations of World War II through the eyes of the last surviving Italian immigrants, who fled war-torn Italy for Canada.

..Thu Nov 10 | 8P..

ORTONA: Canada's Stalingrad

This special documentary project is part of TLN’s “I remember” series intended to collect the still vivid memories of a generation of now older Italian Canadians, who witnessed the savagery of war and sacrifice, first hand. In this series, the last living Italian-Canadian survivors, recount the Battle of Ortona, one of the most important military operations of WWII, that took place between December 20 to 28th in 1943.

..Fri Nov 11 | 8P..

1943: Operation Husky. The Canadian Landing in Sicily

On July 10, 1943, more than 25,000 men from the 1st Canadian Infantry Division landed in Pachino, Italy, marking the beginning of the Sicilian campaign. The project, dubbed Operation Husky, represented the first independent role in the Second World War for Canadian soldiers who were successful in knocking down German defenses in Sicily.


..Nov 11 |9P..

Life is Beautiful

..Nov 9 | 9P..

Rome Open City



TLN Media Group is the proud media broadcast partner of the Ontario Business Achievement Awards (OBAA), the most distinguished industry celebration in the province recognizing business success and those who support it. This year’s 40th anniversary special will feature community leaders and organizations working toward an inclusive economy.

Repeat: Sat Nov 19 at 8:30A


TLN Media Group Community Coverage

TLN Media Group has expanded our daily production activity because now more than ever, we have a public service role in our communities. Since COVID-19, TLN Media Group has produced, broadcast and posted hundreds of reports in 3 languages, including interviews with numerous Ministers and MPs federally and in provinces, as well as local City officials, community leaders, business leaders and unsung heroes. The goal of our daily production effort is to inform, entertain and inspire our communities—millions of Spanish, Italian and English speaking Canadians at large. These reports are available on our 3 main TV channels (TLN TV, Univision Canada and Mediaset Italia) our websites and our social media accounts.

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