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TLN Media Group Announces Canadian Theatrical Premiere of Original Production Tendenza: The Modernization of the Italian-Canadian Textile Industry

TLN Media Group Announces Canadian Theatrical Premiere of Original Production

Tendenza: The Modernization of the Italian-Canadian Textile Industry



(Toronto, ON) July 22, 2020 – TLN Media Group (TMG), Canada’s leading multilingual media company, proudly announces the Canadian theatrical premiere of TMG original production, Tendenza: La Modernizzazione dell’ industria tessile Italo-Canadese (Tendenza: The Modernization of the Italian-Canadian Textile Industry) on Friday, July 24 at all Guzzo Cinema locations in Quebec.

There was a time when the label “Made in Italy” meant a product had been branded for greatness – a stamp of approval confirming it was made by skilled hands with the best materials. Today, through modernization of global markets, this “stamp” has lost its lustre.

Produced by Montreal native Anthony Sarracco of Rebellion Films, Tendenza explores the Canadian textile industry from the perspective of Canada’s most notable Italian designers: denim mogul Salvatore Parasuco, internationally renowned designer Carmine Lauro and suit-maker Denis Limonsani of Bosco Uomo. Immigrating to Canada in the 1950’s and 60’s in search of new opportunities, each designer is faced with continuing their craft and preserving their legacy in the years to come. Tendenza delves into the hardships and successes of each family and brand and how these creative pioneers are adapting to an ever-changing business market in the midst of globalization.

As a leader in supporting and developing Canadian multicultural content, TLN Media Group produces and commissions hundreds of unique and culturally significant ‘Made in Canada’ original productions each year. TMG is proud to support Canadian artists in their endeavour to share immigrant stories and experiences with audiences across the country.


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